University housing in Turkey

University housing is one of the most important concerns of the student that must be taken into account when deciding to study in Turkey. Therefore, the student and his family are always keen to know the most accurate details related to university housing, which are commensurate with the student’s circumstances.

Al Rabeeh Group helps you make your choices, starting from the method of registration or searching for housing, to the cost and location, to the privileges we offer.

Among one of the options available to the student we find:

First, the Turkish government’s student housing, which is the most cost-effective.
Secondly, private student housing, and its advantages vary from one institution to another.
Thirdly, living in a private apartment, and here the rental value varies according to the region and the specifications of the required apartment.

Types of university housing in Turkey

For the searcher for university housing in Turkey, there are private residences for male students and private residences for female students. University housing is distinguished, whether it is governmental, endowment or private, by providing the basic needs of the student, including two meals a day and social services in addition to free open internet and the availability of private laundries for laundry in addition to a variety Activities inside the residence.

1. Government student housing in Turkey, KYK

The number of student residences in Turkey exceeds 400, and it is within the classification of government university housing affiliated to the KYK Foundation of the Ministry of Youth and Sports in Turkey.

Registration on KYK accommodation takes place after the student obtains university admission with a special comparison.

Foreign students are allowed to register for government university housing in Turkey, and the beneficiaries of the Turkish scholarship can also register, but the admission rates for international students are weak because the priority in these housing is for Turkish students.

2. Endowment university housing

This residence belongs to the Turkish Religious Endowment or to one of the charitable associations, and follows strict laws with the requirement that students attend religious activities and seminars for their stay in the residence.

3. YURT private student housing

This university residence in Turkey belongs to private institutions and companies, but it is licensed by the Turkish government.

This type of university housing is characterized by comfort and independence, as the number of students per room ranges from one to 4 students.

4. University housing for private universities in Turkey

It is a private residence affiliated with Turkish private universities, and is distinguished by its presence near the university or within its campus.

This type of housing allows the student to choose between single or double rooms in order to provide comfort for the student, in addition to a set of distinguished services, including security and guarding throughout the day, and securing transportation for housing to and from the university, while providing student rooms and halls designated for study and meals, and of course the availability of open internet .