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Yaşar University is a private university founded in 2001 in the coastal city, Izmir on the Turkish West Coast.
Since its establishment, the university has intended the policy of opening up to all the world to form a generation that is capable of having a fingerprint in the making of a future development for the country.

Yasar University is interested in achieving links with various countries of the world, as it has contracted with more than 62 countries, in cooperation with more than 550 foreign universities, and receiving more than 300 foreign students.

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AnimationBachelorEN andTRRegister
Business AdministrationBachelorENRegister
Civil EngineeringBachelorENRegister
Computer EngineeringBachelorENRegister
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringBachelorENRegister
Energy Systems EngineeringBachelorENRegister
English Language and LiteratureBachelorENRegister
Film DesignBachelorEN andTRRegister
Gastronomy and Culinary ArtsBachelorTRRegister
Industrial DesignBachelorEN andTRRegister
Industrial EngineeringBachelorENRegister
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignBachelorENRegister
International Logistics ManagementBachelorENRegister
International RelationsBachelorENRegister
International Trade and FinanceBachelorENRegister
LawBachelorEN andTRRegister
Management Information SystemsBachelorENRegister
Mechanical EngineeringBachelorENRegister
MusicBachelorEN andTRRegister
New Media and JournalismBachelorENRegister
Public Relations and AdvertisingBachelorENRegister
Radio, Television, and CinemaBachelorENRegister
Software EngineeringBachelorENRegister
Tourism GuidanceBachelorENRegister
Translation and InterpretationBachelorEN andTRRegister
Visual Communication DesignBachelorENRegister
Yaşar University and ECAM International Joint ProgramBachelorEN and FRRegister
Business Administration (MBA)MasterENRegister
Business Administration (Distance Learning)MasterTRRegister
Business EngineeringMasterENRegister
Computer EngineeringMasterENRegister
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringMasterENRegister
English Language and LiteratureMasterENRegister
Industrial EngineeringMasterENRegister
Interior ArchitectureMasterENRegister
International Logistics ManagementMasterENRegister
International RelationsMasterENRegister
International Trade and FinanceMasterENRegister
Logistics EngineeringMasterEN and TRRegister
Tourism ManagementMasterENRegister
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Animation Bachelor'sEN And TR
Architecture Bachelor'sEN
Business Administration Bachelor'sEN
Civil Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Computer Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Economics Bachelor'sEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Energy Systems Engineering Bachelor'sEN
English Language and Literature Bachelor'sEN
Film Design Bachelor'sEN And TR
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Bachelor'sTR
Industrial Design Bachelor'sEN And TR
Industrial Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Bachelor'sEN
International Logistic Management Bachelor'sEN
International Relations Bachelor'sEN
International Trade and Finance Bachelor'sEN
Law Bachelor'sEN And TR
Management Information Systems Bachelor'sEN
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Music Bachelor'sEN And TR
New Media and Journalism Bachelor'sEN
Psychology Bachelor'sEN
Public Relations and Advertising Bachelor'sEN
Radio Television and Cinema Bachelor'sEN
Software Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Tourism Guidance Bachelor'sEN
Translation and Interpretation Bachelor'sEN And TR
Visual communication Design Bachelor'sEN
Yaşar University and ECAM International Joint Program Bachelor'sEN And TR
Architecture Master'sEN
Business Administration (MBA) Master'sEN
Business Administration (Distance Learning) Master'sTR
Business Engineering Master'sEN
Communication Master'sEN
Computer Engineering Master'sEN
Economics Master'sEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Master'sEN
English Language and Literature Master'sEN
Industrial Engineering Master'sEN
Interior Architecture Master'sEN
International Logistic Management Master'sEN
International Relations Master'sEN
International Trade and Finance Master'sEN
Logistics Engineering Master'sEN And TR
Tourism Management Master'sEN
Business Administration Doctor's DegreeEN
Finance Doctor's DegreeEN
Computer Engineering Doctor's DegreeEN
Industrial Engineering Doctor's DegreeEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Doctor's DegreeEN
Architecture Doctor's DegreeEN