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The University of ted is located in the Ankara, where it was founded in 2009 by the Turkish Education Foundation (Ted), the leading institution for development and scientific research in Turkey since 1928.
The university of Ted is one of the best Turkish universities with high academic ranking, the university offers more than 21 university programs in addition to postgraduate studies.

TED University is interested in supporting scientific research through:

– Financial support for the individual research expenses of the faculty and distinct ideas to achieve the best scientific, technological or social result.
– To support and encourage Ted University students to engage in advanced scientific activities and innovations in various fields.
– The presence of scientific publishing activity where the authors of these articles, books and scientific research are rewarded through academic publishing.

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City and Regional PlanningBachelorENRegister
Industrial DesignBachelorENRegister
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignBachelorENRegister
English Language and LiteratureBachelorENRegister
Business AdministrationBachelorENRegister
Political Science and International RelationsBachelorENRegister
Educational Sciences - Guidance and Psychological CounselingBachelorENRegister
Elementary Education - Early Childhood EducationBachelorENRegister
Elementary Education - Primary EducationBachelorENRegister
Foreign Language Education – English Language EducationBachelorENRegister
Mathematics and Science Education - Mathematics EducationBachelorENRegister
Civil EngineeringBachelorENRegister
Computer EngineeringBachelorENRegister
Electrical and Electronics EngineeringBachelorENRegister
Industrial EngineeringBachelorENRegister
Mechanical EngineeringBachelorENRegister
Applied Data ScienceMasterENRegister
Architecture and Urban StudiesMasterENRegister
Developmental Focused Clinical Child and Adolescent PsychologyMasterENRegister
Economics and FinanceMasterENRegister
Engineering ManagementMasterENRegister
Interactive Computing and Information SystemsMasterENRegister
Management in Educational InstitutionsMasterENRegister
Mechatronics EngineeringMasterENRegister
Migration StudiesMasterENRegister
Applied Data ScienceMaster'sEN
Architectural and Urban StudiesMaster'sEN
Developmental Focused Clinical Child and Adolescent PsychologyMaster'sEN
Economics and FinanceMaster'sEN
Engineering ManagementMaster'sEN
Interactive Computing and Information SystemsMaster'sEN
Managing Educational InstitutionsMaster'sTR
Mechatronic EngineeringMaster'sEN
Migration StudiesMaster'sEN
City and Regional PlanningBachelor'sEN
Industrial DesignBachelor'sEN
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignBachelor'sEN
English Language and LiteratureBachelor'sEN
Business AdministrationBachelor'sEN
Political Science and international RelationsBachelor'sEN
Educational Sciences - Guidance and Psychological CounselingBachelor'sEN
Elementary Education - Early Childhood EducationBachelor'sEN
Elementary Education - Primary EducationBachelor'sEN
Foreign Language Education – English Language EducationBachelor'sEN
Mathematics and Science Education - Mathematics EducationBachelor'sEN
Civil EngineeringBachelor'sEN
Computer EngineeringBachelor'sEN
Electric and Electronic EngineeringBachelor'sEN
Industrial EngineeringBachelor'sEN
Mechanical EngineeringBachelor'sEN