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Istanbul sabahattin zaim University was established under the provisions of the Higher Education Law by the “ilim yayma vakfi” which means Science Diffusion Association.
This association İlim Yayma was established in 1973 as an institution of public benefit according to the announcement of the Council of Ministers.
The reason of establishing the association is to encourage the scope of education locally and abroad, also to provide materialistic benefits for talented students at all levels of education. In addition, it provides management of schools, accommodation, libraries, and universities. It prepares financial aid for the institutions and organizations that have similar aims.
In the process of the Ottoman modernization, many educational institutions under the ownership of the Al Sultan Beyazid II Association were hosted. The hosting of many educational institutions to give the Association of “science diffusion” to establish the Istanbul Sabahuddin University as a Foundation University affiliated to the Turkish Higher Education Law No. 2547, to immortalize the place where Muhammad Akif Arsoy was a student and teacher till this day. Moreover, opening of the Muhammed Akef Arsoy hall that is decorated with great edifice, which has the image of the poet Muhammed Akif alongside the Turkish independence anthem. To add, assigning the Agricultural Museum (Muhammad Akif Arsoy Museum) to be a legacy transmitted via generations and followed by the youths.

The vision of the university:

The establishment of a distinguished scientific research university in the academic physical infrastructure to be a destination for graduates, a reference resource, a leader in many fields, and to achieve a position among the five best foundation universities in the world.

Campus life:

Sabahuddin Al-Zaim University is a distinguished leader in its Istanbul campus, its view is on Kucukcekmece Lake, and its historical structure with the aim of being an educational center in the twenty-first century. In the university campus, you can live a calm college life away from disturbing noises, without having to get out of the university environment due to its means such as dorms, dining halls, sports fields, playgrounds, swimming pools, cafes, libraries, and all the facilities required for the students.

Research centers:

Halal Food Research Center:

Istanbul Development Agency has started the Center for Halal Food R – J ISO with its activities by receiving project support with creative financial support program in Istanbul for the year 2016. Moreover, it continues its actions through coordination of Istanbul Sabahuddin Al-Zaim, Yildiz Technical University with the support of Kucukcekmece Municipality. The RHG ISO Center of Halal Food aims to discover –confirm- foods that contain ham and other non-halal ingredients in the food industry.

Beside, their biggest goal is to establish a center in Turkey where an innovative and rapid technical approach will be developed to solve problems of detecting food deception, as well as the detection of additive materials.
Alongside, the center will contribute in acknowledging the concepts of healthy food and halal food to increase the chance of Turkey being a competitor in the global halal food market, especially in exporting and importing food that require Halal certificate.

Center of Islamic studies and International Affairs (CIGA)

An independent, non-profitable, and public policy foundation located in Istanbul/Turkey under the name of Sabahuddin Al-Zaim University. Its mission is “conducting high-quality research and analysis, educate the public and policy makers, train experts, propose new ideas and policy recommendations regarding international relations that affect the Muslim world, and enhancing the development and progress of Islamic societies.”

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Computer Engineering Bachelor'sTR
Architecture Bachelor'sTR
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Bachelor'sTR
Industrial Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Software Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Food Engineering Bachelor'sTR
Food Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Business Administration Bachelor'sEN And TR
Economics Bachelor'sEN And TR
International Trade and Finance Bachelor'sTR
International Trade and Finance Bachelor'sEN
Islamic Economics and Finance Bachelor'sEN
Islamic Economics and Finance Bachelor'sTR
Political Science and international Relations Bachelor'sEN
Sociology Bachelor'sEN And TR
Psychology Bachelor'sTR
Psychology Bachelor'sEN
History Bachelor'sTR
Law Bachelor'sTR
Primary School Mathematics Teaching Bachelor'sTR
English Language Teaching Bachelor'sEN And TR
Preschool Teaching Bachelor'sTR
Special Education Teaching Bachelor'sTR
Primary School Teaching Bachelor'sTR
Social Work Bachelor'sTR
Nursing Bachelor'sTR
Nutrition and Dietetics Bachelor'sTR
Health Management Bachelor'sTR
Family Counseling and Education Master'sTR
Education Management Master'sTR
Philosophy and Religious Sciences Master'sTR
English Language Teaching Master'sEN
Islamic Economics and Finance Master'sEN
Business Administration Master'sEN And TR
Private law Master'sTR
Clinical Psychology Master'sTR
Spiritual Counseling and Guidance Master'sTR
Public Law Master'sTR
Health Care Managament Master'sTR
Political Science and international Relations Master'sTR
Political Science and international Relations Master'sEN
Social Work Master'sTR
Sociology Master'sTR
History and Civilization Researches Master'sTR
International Finance and Participation Banking Master'sTR
Nutrition and Dietetics Master'sTR
Computer Science and Engineering Master'sEN And TR
Computer Science and Engineering Master'sTR
Food Engineering Master'sTR
Internal Medicine Nursing Master'sTR
Occupational Health and Safety Master'sTR
Women's Health and Diseases Nursing Master'sTR
Urban Studies and Management Master'sTR
Architecture Master'sTR