Kültür University

Kültür University

Since the beginning of education and training, İstanbul Kültür University has carried out important studies to improve the quality processes in education. The primary activities are the activities carried out for the accreditation of the programs. Undergraduate programs in the Faculty of Architecture (from 2008), Faculty of Engineering (from 2012) and Faculty of Science and Letters (from 2011) have been evaluated by national accreditation agencies, as well as undergraduate programs that have completed external evaluation processes, new application targets are planned. Faculty of Arts and Sciences Undergraduate Program of English Language and Literature, Undergraduate Program of Mathematics-Computer, Undergraduate Program of Molecular Biology and Genetics, Undergraduate Program of Psychology and Undergraduate Program of Turkish Language and Literature accredited by FEDEK; Faculty of Architecture Undergraduate Program of Architecture accredited by MİAK; Engineering Faculty Undergraduate Program of Computer Engineering, Undergraduate Program of Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Undergraduate Program of Industrial Engineering and Undergraduate Program of Civil Engineering have been subjected to external evaluation process and received their accreditation certificates. Our Department of Foreign Languages has been accredited by “Pearson Assured” as of July 06, 2018. IKU went through the YÖKAK Institutional External Evaluation process in 2018.

As of December 2019-20 academic year, total number of students in associate programs is 3650; in undergraduate programs 10850; in graduate programs 983, and in PhD programs 161; general total is 15644.

Double major and minor programs are among the successful practices of Istanbul Kültür University. Students in the undergraduate programs of all departments in our university can participate in the Double Major Program and Minor Program in other undergraduate programs. The programs of Double Major and Minor are prepared by the relevant departments and come into force after the approval of Senate.

The number of students attending Double Major Programs is 451, of which 21 are Vocational High School students. Number of students who are in the Minor Program is 133. 9% of the total number of students is international students. Of which 1169 in associate degree and undergraduate degree, and 200 in graduate degree we totally have 1369 foreign students.




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Banking and InsuranceDiplomaTR
Banking and Insurance (evening teaching)DiplomaTR
Foreign TradeDiplomaTR
Foreign Trade (evening teaching)DiplomaTR
Graphic DesignDiplomaTR
Public Relations and PublicityDiplomaTR
Aviation LogisticsDiplomaTR
Business ManagementDiplomaTR
Fashion DesignDiplomaTR
Fashion Design (evening teaching)DiplomaTR
Health Care ManagamentDiplomaTR
Civil Aviation Cabin ServicesDiplomaTR
Civil Air Transportation ManagementDiplomaTR
Tourism and Hotel ManagementDiplomaTR
Computer ProgrammingDiplomaTR
Radio and Television TechnologyDiplomaTR
Air Conditioning and RefrigerationDiplomaTR
Child DevelopmentDiplomaTR
Aircraft TechnologyDiplomaTR
Construction TechnologyDiplomaTR
Foreign Language Education (English Teaching)Bachelor'sEN
Elementary EducationBachelor'sTR
Educational SciencesBachelor'sTR
English Language and LiteratureBachelor'sEN
Mathematics and Computer ScienceBachelor'sTR
Molecular Biology and GeneticsBachelor'sTR
Turkish Language and LiteratureBachelor'sTR
Business AdministrationBachelor'sEN
Business AdministrationBachelor'sTR
International RelationsBachelor'sEN
International TradeBachelor'sEN
International TradeBachelor'sTR
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignBachelor'sEN
Interior Architecture and Environmental DesignBachelor'sTR
Electric and Electronic EngineeringBachelor'sEN
Computer EngineeringBachelor'sEN
Industrial EngineeringBachelor'sEN
Civil EngineeringBachelor'sEN
Civil EngineeringBachelor'sTR
Cartoon and AnimationBachelor'sTR
Communication DesignBachelor'sTR
Communication ArtsBachelor'sTR
Art ManagementBachelor'sTR
Cinema & TelevisionBachelor'sTR
New Media and Communication SystemsBachelor'sTR
Nutrition and DieteticsBachelor'sTR
Physiotheraphy and RehabilitationBachelor'sTR
Computer EngineeringMaster'sTR
Mathematics and Computer ScienceMaster'sTR
Interior ArchitectureMaster'sTR
Geotechnical EngineeringMaster'sTR
Project ManagementMaster'sTR
Real Estate DevelopmentMaster'sTR
Structure EngineeringMaster'sTR
Structure EngineeringMaster'sEN
Engineering ManagementMaster'sEN
Architectural DesignMaster'sTR
Construction Management and TechnologyMaster'sTR
Architectural EngineeringMaster'sTR
Molecular Biology and GeneticsMaster'sTR
Educational Administration and PlanningMaster'sTR
Public LawMaster'sTR
Private lawMaster'sTR
Management EconomicsMaster'sTR
Money and Capital MarketsMaster'sTR
Production EconomyMaster'sTR
Communication ArtsMaster'sTR
Communication DesignMaster'sTR
Occupational Health and SafetyMaster'sTR
Business AdministrationMaster'sTR
Art ManagementMaster'sTR
Stage DirectoringMaster'sTR
Film and TelevisionMaster'sTR
Turkish Language and LiteratureMaster'sTR
International RelationsMaster'sEN
GeomaticsDoctor's DegreeTR
Geomatic EngineeringDoctor's DegreeTR
Project ManagementDoctor's DegreeTR
Structure EngineeringDoctor's DegreeTR
MathematicsDoctor's DegreeTR
ArchitectureDoctor's DegreeTR
Molecular and Medical GeneticsDoctor's DegreeTR
Public LawDoctor's DegreeTR
Private lawDoctor's DegreeTR
Business AdministrationDoctor's DegreeTR
Turkish Language and LiteratureDoctor's DegreeTR