Ibn Haldun University



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Ibn Khaldun University is a private university founded in 2015 in Istanbul and approved by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education.
The university is mainly concerned with social and human sciences as it aiming to be an international university and a leader in the social sciences research field.
The university is hosting more than 1500 students, and more than 200 teachers.
Generally, Ibn Khaldun University depends in its studies on Turkish, English and Arabic languages, however, the English language is dominant in most departments of the university. In addition, it provides a number of courses in various languages such as French, German, Russian, Spanish or and even Mali.

Further training and language skills supported is available in the university abroad by IHU in the UK allowing the students to find different opportunities to learn more than one language.

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LawBachelorEN andTRRegister
Islamic StudiesBachelorEN andTRRegister
Media and CommunicationBachelorENRegister
Comparative LiteratureBachelorENRegister
Political Science and International RelationsBachelorENRegister
Educational SciencesBachelorENRegister
Air Transport ManagementMasterENRegister
Clinical PsychologyMasterTRRegister
Counseling PsychologyMasterEN and TRRegister
BusinessMasterEN or TRRegister
Financial EconomicsMasterENRegister
International and Comparative LawMasterTRRegister
Islamic StudiesMasterEN and TRRegister
Managing Educational InstitutionsMasterEN and TRRegister
Political Science and International RelationsMasterENRegister
Private LawMasterTRRegister
Radio Television and CinemaMasterEN and TRRegister
Religious StudiesMasterTR and ENRegister
Turkish StudiesMasterENRegister
Programs Level Language Register Remove
Clinical Psychology Doctor's DegreeTR
Economics Doctor's DegreeEN
History Doctor's DegreeEN
Islamic Studies Doctor's DegreeEN And TR
Management Doctor's DegreeEN
Private law Doctor's DegreeTR
Law Bachelor'sEN And TR
Management Bachelor'sEN
Counseling and Psychological Services Bachelor'sEN
Islamic Studies Bachelor'sEN And TR
Media and Communication Bachelor'sEN
History Bachelor'sEN
Sociology Bachelor'sEN
Economics Bachelor'sEN
Philosophy Bachelor'sEN
Comparative Literature Bachelor'sEN
Political Science and international Relations Bachelor'sEN
Air Transport Management Master'sEN
Clinical Psychology Master'sTR
Counseling and Psychological Services Master'sEN And TR
Economics Master'sEN
Financial Economics Master'sEN
International and Comparative Law Master'sTR
Islamic Studies Master'sEN And TR
Management Master'sEN
Management Master'sTR
Managing Educational Institutions Master'sEN And TR
Philosophy Master'sEN
Political Science and international Relations Master'sEN
Private law Master'sTR
Radio Television and Cinema Master'sEN And TR
Religious Studies Master'sTR
Sociology Master'sEN
Turkish Studies Master'sEN