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Bilkent University is considered one of the leading institutions of higher education in Turkey. The university is located in the capital, Ankara, which is a vibrant city with a population of 4.5 million people. The university acts as a center for academic, social and cultural activity.

Bilkent University was established in 1984 as the first non-profit institution for higher education in Turkey with the aim of establishing a distinguished center in higher education and scientific research. These institutions contributed to the establishment of many other institutions of higher education. The name “Bilkent” also expresses the founder’s goal, because it stands for “Bilim Kenti” which in Turkish means “the city of science and knowledge.”

The university has 13,000 students studying for degrees in 34 undergraduate programs and 58 postgraduate programs.
The university includes faculties from about 40 different countries. Most of them worked for prominent universities in North America and Europe.
It also includes laboratories and advanced scientific research laboratories equipped with the latest technological equipment and more than 4000 computers.

The university has a center for graduates, aimed at communicating with graduates from inside and outside Turkey and strengthening their relationships with the university, where the center prepares various activities and seminars that provide graduates with opportunities to see the career available opportunities and wanted through the speakers specialized in various fields, who talk about their success stories in their working life.

It also has an employment center that helps students gain the skills necessary to compete in the job market after graduation, as the center organizes seminars and interviews between representatives of major companies, students and researchers

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Programs Level Language Register Remove
Business Administration Doctor's DegreeEN
Economics Doctor's DegreeEN
History Doctor's DegreeEN
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Doctor's DegreeEN
International Relations Doctor's DegreeEN
Private Law and Public Law Doctor's DegreeEN
Philosophy Doctor's DegreeEN
Political Science Doctor's DegreeEN
Psychology Doctor's DegreeEN
Turkish Literature Doctor's DegreeEN And TR
Curriculum and Instruction Doctor's DegreeEN
Chemistry Doctor's DegreeEN
Computer Engineering Doctor's DegreeEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Doctor's DegreeEN
Industrial Engineering Doctor's DegreeEN
Materials Science and Nanotechnology Doctor's DegreeEN
Mathematics Doctor's DegreeEN
Mechanical Engineering Doctor's DegreeEN
Molecular Biology and Genetics Doctor's DegreeEN
Neuroscience Doctor's DegreeEN
Physics Doctor's DegreeEN
Architecture Bachelor'sEN
Communication and Design Bachelor'sEN
Fine Arts Bachelor'sEN
Graphic Design Bachelor'sEN
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Bachelor'sEN
Urban Design and Landscape Architecture Bachelor'sEN
Management Bachelor'sEN
Economics Bachelor'sEN
International Relations Bachelor'sEN
Political Science and Public Administration Bachelor'sEN
Psychology Bachelor'sEN
Computer Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Industrial Engineering Bachelor'sEN
American Culture and Literature Bachelor'sEN
Archaeology Bachelor'sEN
English Language and Literature Bachelor'sEN
Philosophy Bachelor'sEN
Chemistry Bachelor'sEN
Mathematics Bachelor'sEN
Molecular Biology and Genetics Bachelor'sEN
Physics Bachelor'sEN
Music Bachelor'sEN
Computer Technology and Information Systems Bachelor'sEN
Tourism and Hotel Management Bachelor'sEN
Computer Engineering Master'sEN
Electric and Electronic Engineering Master'sEN
Telecommunications and Networking Master'sEN
Industrial Engineering Master'sEN
Mechanical Engineering Master'sEN
Physics Master'sEN
Mathematics Master'sEN
Chemistry Master'sEN
Molecular Biology and Genetics Master'sEN
Architecture Master'sEN
Materials Science and Nanotechnology Master'sEN
Neuroscience Master'sEN
Archaeology Master'sEN
Business Administration (MBA) Master'sEN
Executive Business Administration Master'sEN
Conference Interpreting Master'sEN
Economics Master'sEN
Energy Systems Operation and Technology Master'sEN
History Master'sEN
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Master'sEN
International Affairs and Public Policy Master'sEN
International Relations Master'sEN
Law and Economics Master'sEN
Private Law and Public Law Master'sEN
Media and Design Master'sEN
Media and Visible Arts Master'sEN
Music Master'sEN
Philosophy Master'sEN
Political Science Master'sEN
Psychology Master'sEN
Turkish Literature Master'sEN And TR
Curriculum and Instruction Master'sEN
Curriculum and Instruction with Teaching Certificate Master'sEN And TR
Teaching English as a Foreign Language Master'sEN