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The university is located in the Turkish capital, Ankara, and is a non-profit university that was established in 1994.
It is considered one of the leading institutions in Turkey in terms of the number of scientific research provided by teachers working in it. The university has 11 faculties, 8 institutes, 6 vocational schools and 13 research centers. The current student population is 10,000 students and includes nearly 1,500 highly qualified professors and academics, and the university’s vision is to provide an international academic education based on scientific production in all fields, in order to add civilizational and cultural value to society in the manner of urbanization and keep pace with modern technological developments.

The university has its own hospital as well as a research center and dialysis centers. The university is considered the first private university in Turkey and a pioneer in teaching health sciences. The university developed and expanded within 8 years without government support.

The library is an important center for education and research that provides necessary information and resources to users. The library operates an automated system with a database that includes all library materials. In addition to high-level educational activities, the university has a number of research and application centers, including:

Language and Application Research Center, Training, Consulting and Research Center, and Cultural and Technical Research Center.
Baskent University is one of the first Turkish private universities to obtain the ISO quality certificate in health and educational activities and is distinguished in teaching medical specialties (dentistry, human medicine and health sciences) using the latest teaching and training equipment.

Today, the university is considered one of the most prestigious universities in Turkey in scientific departments.

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Medicine Bachelor'sEN And TR
Dentistry Bachelor'sEN And TR
Audiology Bachelor'sTR
Guidance and Counselling Bachelor'sTR
Guidance and Counselling Bachelor'sEN And TR
Health Care Managament Bachelor'sEN And TR
Health Care Managament Bachelor'sTR
Molecular Biology and Genetics Bachelor'sEN And TR
Nursing Bachelor'sTR
Nutrition and Dietetics Bachelor'sTR
Physiotheraphy and Rehabilitation Bachelor'sEN And TR
Psychology Bachelor'sEN And TR
Architecture Bachelor'sEN And TR
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design Bachelor'sTR
Biomedical Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Civil Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Computer Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Electric and Electronic Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Industry Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Mechanical Engineering Bachelor'sEN And TR
Accounting and Finance Management Bachelor'sTR
Banking and Finance Bachelor'sTR
Economics Bachelor'sEN And TR
Insurance and Risk Management Bachelor'sTR
International Trade Bachelor'sTR
International Trade Bachelor'sEN And TR
Management Bachelor'sEN And TR
Management Information Systems Bachelor'sTR
Political Science and international Relations Bachelor'sEN
Political Science and international Relations Bachelor'sEN And TR
Public Relations and Publicity Bachelor'sEN And TR
Social Work Bachelor'sTR
Sociology Bachelor'sEN And TR
American Culture and Literature Bachelor'sEN
Cartoon and Animation Bachelor'sTR
Communication Design Bachelor'sTR
Computer Education and Instructional Technologies Bachelor'sTR
Early Childhood Teaching Bachelor'sTR
Elementary Mathematics Education Bachelor'sTR
English Language Teaching Bachelor'sEN
Fashion and Textile Design Bachelor'sTR
Filmmaking Bachelor'sTR
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Bachelor'sTR
Graphic Design Bachelor'sTR
Law Bachelor'sEN And TR
Mathematics Teaching Education Bachelor'sTR
Primary Education Bachelor'sTR
Radio Television and Cinema Bachelor'sEN And TR
Sport Sciences Bachelor'sTR
Statistics and Computer Sciences Bachelor'sTR
Technology and Knowledge Management Bachelor'sTR
Tourism and Hotel Management Bachelor'sTR
Translation and Interpretation Bachelor'sEN
Turkish Language and Literature Bachelor'sTR
Turkish Language and Literature Education Bachelor'sTR
Turkish Language Education Bachelor'sTR
Visual communication Design Bachelor'sTR