Yös exam

Why is the Turkish Yös test?

If you want to study at a Turkish public university, you must pass the Turkish Yös. This was a pre-standardized examination among all Turkish universities, while the exam questions are now different between universities, where every year Turkish universities prepare their own Yös exam for foreign students. Therefore, some universities do not accept the results of the Yös test of another university, requiring the certification of the university’s Yös.

What is the Turkish certificate of Yös?

The word “Yös” means the examination of foreign students. Any non-Turkish students who are non-Turkic nationals and do not have Turkish citizenship, whether their high school education certificate is from a Turkish or non-Turkish school.

The Turkish Yös certificate does not enrich the general high School Certificate, it is necessary to obtain a high school certificate to apply for the differentiation in universities. While some universities require the differentiate certificate, other universities may not require the differentiate certificate and only the secondary certificate.

A minor who does not have a high school certificate may undergo a Turkish Yös test and obtain his or her degree, but cannot trade in the university only with the evidence of the IUS. He must get secondary as we mentioned.

What is the Turkish Yös platform?

The Turkish (Yös) platform consists of two parts (mathematics-IQ). In mathematics, the student studies the basics of mathematical analysis, as well as engineering. In the Department of Intelligence, which is universally symbolized (IQ) any IQ test, it depends on the mental abilities and thinking ability of the student.

It has coding systems, numbers, and processes.

The student is also trained to create relationships between geometric shapes, numbers and drawings in general.

Some universities may sometimes include questions in physics and chemistry. However, this is announced a period before the test so that the student will not be surprised.

Each university has its own Yös curriculum. As we said, each university has its own exam, and some universities require their own IUS certificate. Therefore, a student who can stay on more than one university must undergo the exams of several universities and get their certificates so that they have greater flexibility in differentiation in more than one university.

The Turkish Yös exam:

The Turkish Yös exam consists of 80 questions, usually determined as follows: 40 of them in mathematics, 35 in intelligence and 5 in engineering. But this is not conclusive, but there are no permanent conclusive determinants in this examination.

It is about the university’s vision of differentiating between students and their needs.

Differentiation in Turkish universities:

After acquiring the Yös test result, the student’s differentiation process begins and presents its papers to various universities. The result of the differentiation is based on the result of the Turkish test (Yös) and the result of the high school certificate carried by the student.

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