What is health insurance in Turkey?

Turkish law stipulates that every resident of Turkey must extract his own health insurance in order to be able to obtain residency in Turkey. Health insurance covers the expenses of treatment in government and private hospitals in Turkey, according to the insurance company being treated and the type of insurance obtained The Comprehensive Health Insurance (GSS) covers all foreign students in Turkey, benefiting all from the comprehensive and high-quality medical services provided by the Turkish state. When a student who got health insurance visits any of the hospitals in Turkey, he or she will present the health insurance card given by the Ministry of Health, and the doctor will write the appropriate treatment, and the patient and his medical prescription from any pharmacy in Turkey will pay a nominal amount called “contribution value”. Pharmacies operate in Turkey until 7:00 p.m. and there are alternate pharmacies operating until morning in each area.

What are the required documents for the extraction of health insurance?

A copy of a passport valid for at least six months
Housing address in Turkey

Health insurance includes all that is classified as an urgent or satisfactory condition, It does not include cosmetic cases, So before you start any medical procedure you should ask your doctor whether the insurance covers this procedure or not.

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