Turkey ranks first as the fastest nation in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to increase the share of scientific research from its projects. The number of full-time researchers for scientific research in Turkey is 70,000, along with 70,000 others engaged in scientific research in part. But Turkey is still seeking to increase the allocation of human and economic scientific research to keep pace with the rapid development around the world.

When you study at a Turkish university, you have a lot of opportunities to develop the skills that are practically needed to keep up with the science and business process around the world. Universities in Turkey have laboratories, libraries and study tools that make collection enjoyable alongside sports facilities and student accommodation. Turkey is characterized by the cultural diversity that unites East and west on one Earth, where the traditions of the east, the sciences of the West and the work of the world are all combined. Student and cultural exchange programs in Turkey. Turkish universities are recognized by the European Union and the countries of the world, and their membership in the Global Student exchange program (ERASMUS), giving students an opportunity to study at a European university at the expense of the European Union for a year or a full semester The student has a great academic experience in his field and therefore is eligible for the first ranking in university training programs. In addition, there are a lot of student exchange programs (FARABI) and program (MEVLANA) that give the student a great opportunity to get a study scholarship for a year or a semester in a world other than Turkey and at the expense of the program.