Turkey has recently become the focus of the attention of many young people around the world who want to pursue their university education in various fields. But what made Turkey a global center in terms of undergraduate study?

The study in Turkey has many advantages, the first of which is the spread of universities in the whole country, there is no city in Turkey but it has become a university or two. Turkey has more than 180 universities across the country. The number of university students in 2018 is approaching 7 million and 560 thousand students between Turkish citizens and different nationalities.

Some Turkish universities were among the top 500 universities worldwide, while the rest of the universities had a high ranking among the world’s universities. Turkey offers a lot of facilities in the student’s university life, and the facilities offered to foreigners exceed what is offered in many other countries of the world. The services of students vary from accommodation to food and transportation to financial and in-kind grants from free and other housing.

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