One of the things that attracts foreign students to study in Turkey is the facilities offered to students. These facilities include discounts on transportation, museums and public activities

Transport card:

After registering at a Turkish university, the student receives a student transport card under a student document (Öğrenci Belgesi) extracted from the university and a personal photograph.
For students, the price of boarding is less than half the normal price in all public transport. This is very important for students, especially in Istanbul, which is the largest city in Turkey in terms of transportation expenses

The Student Housing:

The student can register on the government student housing and there are many student complexes in all the Turkish universities, and these complexes provide a comfortable school atmosphere for the student at very acceptable prices compared to other housing prices
There are also houses belonging to different endowments. The offer is made to the government student housing and waqf through differentiation
Turkish universities give students a special email to the university, the student benefits from this email to access the Internet at the university, and to participate in a lot in the sites between them and the university special agreements, the student gets discounts and original programs free through these emails

Museum Card:

The student receives a museum card and enters all Turkish museums at discounted or free rates
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