After the great success achieved by Bahar Group for educational consultations during the past five years and the registration of hundreds of students in Turkish universities, which made Bahar Group the focus of attention of many Turkish and foreign events. Also, If we make a consideration that Bahar Group is an exclusive agent for most of the Turkish universities and has an official license from the Turkish government. Therefore, some Turkish and Arabic private and public TV channels have made some interviews with our group, and Orient channel was one of them.

As the channel conducted a television interview with the director of Bahar Group, Mr. Basil Madoun, the interview included some talks about studying in Turkey, the most important scholarships available in the Turkish universities, the types of universities that foreign students can join and what are the advantages of studying in Turkey. They also talked about the services that Bahar group provides for the students who are willing to enrol in Turkish universities. It also included a report that that was about the Exhibition that took a place in Istanbul, which was encouraging students to ask and know more about the Turkish universities, which was also in the presence of a large number of Turkish universities’ representatives.

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