Program Information

Duration: 2 years

Language: English

Level: Master

The visual communication design provides students with the basic skills and knowledge to communicate ideas and information across a wide range of visual media. Focusing on studio-based practice, you will study areas such as image design, printing, design, planning, branding, history design, research methods, and web design. There are opportunities to engage with community projects or the live industry, in addition to studying practical disciplines from the following pairs: motion design and data visualization; game and application design; illustration; and photography. You can also choose the optional out-of-design such as Advertising and Media Production.

In the recent years, the discipline of visual communication in the world has become a fundamental and necessary force that creative people possess, to respond and express quickly and immediately what is happening around them on all possible and social and political and cultural levels. Where the field of visual communication in the college is a special, multi-field perspective.

Work sectors:

  • TV and administration sector
  • Graphic Design Sector
  • Education sector
  • Services sector

Among the most important Turkish universities in which there is a study of visual design, which is characterized by modern laboratories and the modern scientific method through which the student achieves the maximum benefit, which is:

Medipol University
Bilgi University
Kadir Has University

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