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About the Program

Duration: 6 years

Language: English or Turkish

Level: Undergraduate

Medicine specialization is considered one of the important specializations that Turkish universities are interested in. There are many internationally classified universities with a distinct educational level in relation to the study of medicine in particular, as well as Turkey is characterized as one of the countries that welcomes the work of foreign doctors on its territory after obtaining an equivalency certificate in medicine or dentistry. This made Turkish medical colleges rank 12th in the world ranking.

The most important advantages of studying medicine in Turkish universities:

  • It is distinguished by the best explained medical study materials with the latest scientific and advanced methods,

Whereas, the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education supports Turkish medical universities and colleges, both private and governmental, with the latest possible means,

It also encourages medical colleges at the level of Turkish universities to participate in scientific and medical research worldwide.

  • The expenses and premiums of medical colleges in Turkey are acceptable to international universities, as they are distinguished by their high efficiency and good level internationally, so they are not considered large sums according to their level.
  • There are many options for studying medicine in Turkey in relation to the language, as they are available in English or Turkish
  • As is known, it is preferable to study medicine in the English language, because if the student is not fluent in the English language, he will not be able to develop himself scientifically or obtain higher degrees, then research and scientific books are all issued in English,

Also, hospitals and international centers do not employ a doctor who does not speak the English language,

  • Also, there will be difficulties in competing with colleagues who have studied in the English language because they will be able to develop their level of education faster because of the mastery of the English language,
  • In Turkey, there are many public and private universities that teach in the English language, such as:
  • Istanbul University
  • hacatape University
  • Bahcesehir University
  • Istanbul Okan University
  • Koç University
  • Yeditepe University
  • Medipol University

Among the most important universities that teach medicine in Turkish:

Üsküdar University
Medipol University
Istinye University

Years of studying medicine in Turkey:

It is known that the period of study of human medicine in Turkey is 6 years, and these years are divided into two parts: 4 years of education, considered as a bachelor’s degree, and the remaining two years are considered as a higher education (after university), meaning that a graduate of these colleges is considered to have a Certificate (Doctor of Human Medicine)

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