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Duration: 4 years

Language: English or Turkish

Level: Undergraduate

Psychology and its importance

Why should you study psychology?

Psychology is one of the most important and most popular university programs. Many rumors revolve around this program, including that it is an underdeveloped science in addition to the fact that the wages of this work in the future are relatively low in addition to the lack of sufficient job opportunities. All of the above statements are false and baseless rumors. Here are the most important motives that make you study this specialization, and if you thought about it earlier, this will make you willing to study this major.

Understanding the main psychological principles:

Psychology is a social science that depends on the scientific method. Although the focus of psychology is on studies and statistics, this field is the least field in which psychology is practiced after graduation, so do not worry about the future of your studies of this specialization. There are many job opportunities and areas that you can benefit of from your study of psychology

critical thinking:

Psychology – with the help of methods that are trained in the study of this specialty – focuses heavily on how to think critically. Critical thinking is one of the most important methods of thinking, as this type of thinking helps greatly in all areas of life, especially educational areas, and this type of thinking helps greatly to develop yourself and show your best talents and abilities.

Among the most effective areas in the workplace:

Organizational industrial psychology focuses on understanding the human nature of employees in the workplace, where knowledge of human behavior is the most important point that is focused on when it comes to applying for a job; and your knowledge of the fundamentals of psychology makes you a more important employee / manager in the workplace.

Understanding relations:

Studying psychology does not necessarily make your mental health better, but studying psychology provides you with a greater knowledge and understanding of personal, family and professional relationships, which means that studying psychology will definitely allow you to solve all relationship problems that you or anyone else from your circle of acquaintances may encounter. .

Greater employment opportunities:

Contrary to popular beliefs that psychology does not offer you many employment opportunities, in fact the job opportunities for graduates of psychology are very good, and many! If you study psychology, you will be required to work in many fields such as law, social services, education, business and many other professions. The real trick is how to showcase your degree in psychology. If you fully know its value and trust the necessity of psychology services in practical life, you will convince everyone that you should be employed. But if you do not appreciate the value of your studies, and do not know the importance of your work, then you will certainly not get the job that you are applying for.

Among the most important Turkish universities in which bioengineering major is available, which is characterized by modern laboratories and the modern scientific curriculum through which the student achieves the maximum benefit, are:

Istinye University
Bahçeşehir University
Medipol University
Bilgi University

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