new media

About the Program

Duration: 4 years

Language: English

Level: Undergraduate

As a result of the great development in science, engineering, and various scientific disciplines, it was necessary to privatize the science and divide it into branches and disciplines, and this is what Turkish universities took in their educational career to be a pioneer in all sciences and on the global level.

Modern media

The media and communications in the modern era have become major roles in the informative and educational informative communication process, opening the doors of legal knowledge, as it has become the first means that transcended borders due to modern technological development.

Today’s digital media has become a force of pressure and creates public opinion and mobilizes governments, councils and bodies, has become a tool in the hands of the citizen, a tool that contributes to awareness and mobilization and in the formation of public awareness that must be invested to advance the reality of the individual development.

Therefore, we note that it is no secret to anyone of the importance of modern media and means of communication in disseminating and making news and transmitting what is happening around the world so the study of modern media has become a very important and required specialization as a result of what is happening in societies and the speed of reporting the news, if you want to be from one of the media and be a contributing person Transfer the truth, sign up with us to register in the strongest Turkish universities that are interested in teaching this specialization, adopting the latest curricula that seek to create distinguished media professionals to be distinguished fingerprints in the world.

Turkish universities provide the study of new media, as they use the most important modern means of communication and technology that enable the student to be able to communicate and address the public through these means.

The most important Turkish universities that allow the study of modern media are:

Istinye University
Bahçeşehir University
Beykent University

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