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Duration: 2 years

Language: English

Level: Master

What is MBA?

MBA – Master of Business Administration

It is the degree that will help you to develop all the skills you need to obtain a career in the field of business and management, and that

through your studies for this branch you will be able to manage your business, whether it is in medicine or engineering or in the field you work with and the ability to develop your business and achieve the best results at the lowest costs and help you get an international career.

What is the importance of studying MBA?

The MBA study offers you many advantages, the most important of which are:

·        Rewarding salaries.
·        Distinguished career opportunities.
·        Opportunities to expand your career and develop your professional life.

What are the most important job opportunities after studying the MBA?

1- CEO:

The CEO is responsible for organizing the companies, it deals with various responsibilities such as decision-making and strategic initiatives, managing corporate operations, creating relationships with stakeholders, and directing employees.

2- Business Manager:

There are different types of business managers, there are business managers who work in international companies and are responsible for only one administration, and managers in small companies who oversee the operations of all departments. They hire, train and reside for new employees, take care of financial operations, report to the CEO or manager, and are responsible for operating their departments.

3- Director General of Operations:

The Operations Manager is the person whose job includes the highest value in a work environment. He is making sure that the employees have done a good job. He has other responsibilities such as developing strategies and managing operations. The Operations Manager works closely with the CEO and the rest of the board members, and their communication skills should be great.

4- Operations Manager:

Operations managers’ responsibilities may vary depending on the company he is employed in. In general, he analyzes the company’s current systems, writes reports, guides the operations team, and develops operational improvements

5- Information Technology Business Analyst (IT):

Business Analyst (IT) deals a lot with software and hardware projects. It determines the risks and requirements of information technology for the business analyst to be familiar with mathematical skills, because he will need to analyze costs and benefits.

Among the most important Turkish Universities that have an MBA are characterized by distinguished cadres and the modern scientific curriculum through which the student achieves the maximum benefit, which is:

Bilgi University
Bahçeşehir University
Okan University

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