About the Program

Duration: 4 years

Language: English

Level: Undergraduate

Marketing aims to promote and display the products, goods, and goods produced or offered by the company or organization in addition to that it aims to establish friendly relations with customers, therefore marketing is considered one of the most important elements of the business management world.

Through marketing to discover the desires and requirements of customers and customers and to develop and improve products and services that lead to increased profits for institutions and companies, which we conclude that marketing is the art of selling and achieving the highest percentage of sales and profit

There must be some skills and advantages for those who want to enter the world of marketing, the most important of which are:

  • eloquence and rhetoric
  • Promptitude
  • Skills of memorization
  • Strong memory
  • Persuasion
  • Good level of English
  • Establishing good and friendly relations with others
  • The ability to attract customers by writing and expressing content distinctively

The most important subjects taught by students of the Marketing Department:

  • Principles of Marketing
  • Consumer behavior
  • Product planning and development
  • Digital and electronic marketing
  • Marketing research
  • Agricultural Marketing
  • Retail Business
  • Health and medical marketing
  • Trade promotion
  • Tourism Marketing
  • International Marketing
  • Contemporary Issues in Marketing
  • Imaging databases
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Relationship Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Marketing services
  • Pricing policy
  • Sales department
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing Management
  • Marketing ethics

The most important areas of work in the field of marketing:

  • Marketing Director
  • Marketing specialist
  • Public Relations Manager

It is also subdivided in some areas, such as:

  • Banks
  • Companies of all kinds
  • Marketing companies
  • Work in the retail and wholesale sectors
  • Work in the field of advertising
  • Import and export companies

Among the most important Turkish universities in which there is marketing and characterized by distinguished cadres and the modern scientific method through which the student achieves the maximum benefit, which is:

Bilgi University
Istanbul Sehir university
Özyeğin University

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