international trade

About the Program

Duration: 4 years

Language: English

Level: Undergraduate

The concept of international trade is not related to the concept of trade only, but to the concept of economic, technical, cultural, scientific, and political cooperation, as trade relations have an effective role in establishing diplomatic relations between countries. Each country seeks to conclude trade agreements with other countries by exporting and importing the necessary goods, and in the nature The case is that countries lack some of the necessary resources and are forced to obtain them from the producing countries.

The importance of international trade:

International trade is considered one of the most important ingredients for the success and prosperity of the economy for all countries of the world. In the event that they are used in good ways to export them to the countries of the world, the importance of international trade is clarified precisely based on the following points:

  • It is considered one of the most important direct means to enhance international relations because of its role in linking countries together.
  • Contributes to providing a lot of services and commodities, based on the principle of specialization, which provides products with the cheapest prices and the best quality.
  • Supports marketing capacity by creating and supporting many new markets for diversified products.
  • It helps to raise the rate of well-being in society, by providing many products that lead to a diversity of individuals’ choices, whether for consumption or investment.
  • It is considered one of the important indicators to measure the capabilities of countries to compete and to market products and production in the global and international markets.
  • Countries contribute to building strong economic systems and promote sustainable development in them by providing key information and appropriate technological means.
  • Supporting economic powers through the development of national income that contributes to improving the development of each country.

Therefore, the job opportunities available in this specialization are:

Ministry of Foreign Trade – Chambers of Commerce – International Trade Points – Import and export offices and companies – Customs Authority – Customs broker – International Monetary Fund.

Among the most important Turkish universities in which the study of international trade is available, which is characterized by modern equipment and the modern scientific curriculum through which the student achieves the maximum benefit, which is:

Bahçeşehir University
Bilgi University
Işik university

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