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Most of the definitions of industrial engineering state that it is “the engineering field that is concerned with the use of mathematics and various sciences to design, study, analyze and develop systems that contain machines, equipment, materials, and people to ensure the best performance of these systems and at an efficient cost.” It centers around the costs of operating equipment and machinery and how to make the best use without technical knowledge of how it works and what it consists of.

The industrial engineer is trained in all the basics and skills of traditional engineering such as mathematics, physics, materials science, mechanics … etc, as well as being taught a set of concepts and skills for the humanities such as economics, management, psychology … etc. It is also provided with a set of techniques and methods (such as operations research, human factors engineering, Microeconomics, applied statistics, etc.) that helps link these areas together and deal with them as one integrated unit

The tasks of the industrial engineers:

  1. The industrial engineer conducts an analytical study of the product, designs it, and examines its reliability, cost, and productivity.
  2. One of the tasks of the industrial engineer is to do an economic feasibility study for industrial production
  3. The industrial engineer designs the optimal basic production processes to carry out the production process
  4. Job site designing

Among the most important Turkish universities in which industrial engineering studies are available, which are characterized by modern laboratories and the modern scientific curriculum through which the student achieves the maximum benefit, which is:

Okan University
Özyeğin University
Bilgi University

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About the Program

Duration: 4 years

Language: English

Level: Undergraduate

Industrial Engineering is distinguished by its focus on the administrative aspects of raising production efficiency through analyzing and planning workers ’ jobs and tasks assigned to them and controlling warehouses and raw materials used during manufacturing operations. Industrial Engineering is an important major in the engineering field. This program has been designed to provide a modern, high-quality program that provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills in physics, mathematics, and the use of computers to develop their capabilities.