engineering management

About the Program

Duration: 4 years

Language: English

Level: Undergraduate

What do you know about engineering management?

Engineering management is the department concerned with applying administrative principles in the practice of engineering business. Engineering management works as a link between engineering and technological sciences on the one hand, and science of management and the art of leadership on the other hand, it is the department responsible for exercising engineering, technical and productive tasks, and is also concerned with marketing science And economics and occupational safety and management and leadership, and engineering management is an independent discipline in itself and has to do with many other engineering disciplines, the engineer is responsible for all details of engineering work from materials, teams, strategies followed in implementation, and hiding Delivery and many of the technical, administrative and economic details.

The engineering management specialization is considered one of the most important administrative specializations that qualify the engineer to learn new concepts other than engineering concepts such as marketing concepts, financial management concepts, business management concepts and many other concepts, which helps the engineer to invent new solutions to administrative problems facing him at work, and gives him more opportunities for promotion .

What does engineering management differ from business management?

Is the management of any institution or company of an engineering and industrial nature different from the management of any service organization or company, some people believe that management is the administration, regardless of the number of activities or activities as the main functions of the department such as: planning, organization, control and control can be applied in any administrative field.

But others from the book contradict this belief, depending on the fact that engineering project management needs technical foundations before administrative foundations, as engineering expertise and technical skills may constitute a successful management of such projects, it is natural that the fundamentals of management science may not change, but the application process differs From one country to another or even from one city to another city, and this difference stems from environmental changes that include social, cultural, political, religious, legal or technical factors, there are some differences in the technical jobs that are distinguished by the administrative engineer. Technical jobs often need The Creation and development of production methods and manufacturing, and in some cases change, and may be non-recurring engineering jobs,

As for non-technical administrative jobs, they deal with frequent and well-known daily works which are most often expected. Therefore, the administrative engineer must create the appropriate atmosphere for creativity, development and innovation as well as change. Many technical works, especially in the field of industry and production, are produced or manufactured once Unlike non-technical administrative work that may be repeated every hour, every day, or every week, this of course requires different administrative competencies.

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