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About the Program

Duration: 5 years

Language: English

Level: Undergraduate

Dentistry is a branch of medicine that is concerned with the treatment and diagnosis of oral, dental, and maxillary diseases and the surrounding tissues and nerves. It is also concerned with the prevention and beautification of its diseases, i.e. it is concerned with everything related to oral and dental health. Dentistry involves one of the branches of applied science, where the study of dentistry that takes five years of study in universities includes a number of subjects that guarantee the acquisition of scientific knowledge and diverse human skills. The first two years of the dentistry specialization includes  joint courses with medical students. Students of dentistry are then separated and start studying dental materials that have more to do with practical application in terms of the ability to diagnose and treat.

Among these materials are related to oral medicine, orthodontics, simple oral surgery, dental pulp, and dental problems in children.

Dental specialty branches:

  • Dental treatment (restorative).
  • Orthodontics to treat tooth deviations and lack of them in an organized row, which is characterized by its wide range and high financial return.
  • Anatomy of the disease that studies various oral diseases and tumors.
  • Fixed compensation famous for fractures.
  • Dentistry who is interested in studying oral diseases and how to treat them.
  • Treating deciduous teeth by pulling the nerve and filling it.
  • Oral surgeries and dental implants.

Dental study and materials:

In the beginning of the first and second year, the dental student studies the general subjects that the human medicine student studies, which includes biology, physics, chemistry, physiology, cell biology, and some few of the dental specialization subjects,

Dental work areas:

  • Dental hospitals
  • Dental clinics
  • Educational and academic work and doing academic research with the possibility of teaching some scientific subjects and courses
  • Insurance companies specialized in medicine, oral and dental treatment
  • Institutions and research centers whose study focuses on dentistry

The following jobs can also be obtained:

  • dentist
  • Orthodontist
  • Pediatric dentist
  • A dentist in a clinic or hospital
  • Dental Clinic Director

Why Turkey?

For me personally, Turkey was the country that combined high standards of high life, strong education, and the most appropriate environmentThe country is in constant development, its universities are accredited from Europe and America, and the Erasmus and student exchange programs are available there.

Among the most important Turkish universities in which Dentistry major is available, which is characterized by modern laboratories and the modern scientific curriculum through which the student achieves the maximum benefit, are:

Bahçeşehir University
Okan University
Medipol University

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