civil engineering

About the Program

Duration: 4 years

Language: English

Level: Undergraduate

As a result of the great development in science, engineering, and various scientific disciplines, it was necessary to privatize the science and divide it into branches and disciplines, and this is what Turkish universities took in their educational career to be a pioneer in all sciences and on the global level.

Civil engineering:

Is to design and stimulate construction works and infrastructure for cities, and there are many practical examples in our lives of civil engineering such as (residential buildings – towers and bridges – tunnels and irrigation systems)

The primary goal of the civil engineer is to construct the architectural installations with the best quality, safety and most efficient cost

The most important subjects in this field are mathematics and physics.

The university student learns planning and designing from the smallest project to the largest project

The civil engineer  studies residential building construction projects, highway projects, travel methods, water projects and connecting  water lines to the cities.

Moreover they  studies the largest projects and their implementation such as  bridges and tunnels

Other courses  on soil and hardness in addition to many programs and courses in which they  study the forces and loads affecting the bodies and balance of bodies

  • The job market and working positions

We all know the field of construction and building is always in development, and this field does not depend on the demand of engineers and specialists for the labor market

For a civil engineer, he can specialize in many tracks

They  can choose to work in the office section (it is a  field of work as design and planning of construction works) or the executive department that is concerned with the implementation of construction supervision. The executive department is considered to be the most beautiful in this field, because of its experiences and serious involvement  in projects, working with the team and knowing the complete construction steps and how the project develops

The third field that they can work in is the consulting field for universities or construction companies.

Among the most important Turkish universities in which civil  engineering major is available, which is characterized by modern laboratories and the modern scientific curriculum through which the student achieves the maximum benefit, are:

Bahçeşehir University
Bilgi University
Okan University

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