business admistration

About the Program

Duration: 4 years

Language: English

Level: Undergraduate

Business administration is one of the sciences from which the student learns the methods of employing all the resources available in the institution, in a way that ultimately achieves the public benefit, brings abundant profits to the institution, and achieves the goal of the work. The main objective of business management is to link the three production components of land, capital, and people power together.

The Business Administration specialization has many advantages and benefits that we will show in the video listed below. In addition, the Business Administration specialization aims to make students acquire management concepts related to human resources and the management of organizations, institutions and companies.

What do you study in the field of Business Administration:

In the first year, many introductory subjects are studied that gain the student experience in various commercial fields, so you study economics, in which you learn about what the economy is and its gaps in local and international law, and you study human resources, where you can deal with employees and customers around you, as well as study mathematics in a way that helps On making tables, making complex trading accounts, and a lot more.

Then you go to the actual stage of specialization in the field of business administration, usually business administration is specialized in:

  • Public Domain.
  • Marketing field.
  • The financing fields.
  • Financial Management.

Each of these areas differs from its peers in many subjects, but there are some common subjects as well.

The general field is taught in the fundamentals of management and management science in general, such as public relations, corporate management, the art of crisis management, human beings and institutions with all their facilities.

In the marketing field, you study literally everything related to marketing, such as: international marketing and global marketing research, and in the financing field to study the principles and foundations of financing and spending Depending on the need of the companies and the factors upon which the financing value depends, as well as real estate financing as well, and finally in the field of financial management you study how to deal with budgets, salaries, shares and financial securities, for example you study materials such as: Administrative and investment capacity.

The interstitial materials common to all of these disciplines are simple and easy, but very important for a graduate of business administration in general. Such as the principles of law principles, international law, self-employment ethics, principles of microeconomics, principles of accounting, computer and administrative sciences, English language, and a lot more.

Among the most important Turkish Universities where business administration is available, which are characterized by modern equipment and the modern scientific curriculum through which the student achieves the maximum benefit, which is:

Bahçeşehir University
Bilgi University
Okan University
Aydin University

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