Turkey || Istanbul 2021

  • August 1, 2020

With the participation of major Turkish universities, Bahar Group for Educational Consultation and Study in Turkey held an exhibition in Istanbul, which was a guiding compass for Arab and foreign students in Turkey.
The exhibition was the first Arab platform in Istanbul that allowed Arab and foreign students to get information about the most important Turkish universities in Istanbul.

The exhibition included introductory seminars about the Turkish universities in general. Furthermore, a lot of the universities participated in the exhibition, the universities were: Behçaşehir University, Kemerburgaz Altınbaş University, Üsküdar University, İstanbul Şehir University, Işık University, Beykent University, Kadir Has University, Bilgi University, Okan University and Aydin University.

The exhibition also explained the features of studying in Turkey, the ways a student can enrol to Turkish universities, and the ways a student can obtain a scholarship from these universities which can reach 70%.

They also talked about the services Bahar group is providing and its goals in facilitating the ways of enrolment for the students who are wishing and willing to study Turkey, as Bahar Group being an exclusive agent for the Turkish universities and has an official license from the Turkish government.

Most important services that Bahar group provide for the students are:

  • Securing the university’s acceptance letters.
  • Accompanying the student to the university to complete all the registration procedures.
  • Securing a free health insurance for public hospitals.
  • Helping with finding an appropriate accommodation.
  • Helping with Denklik “equivalence”.
  • Providing all necessary consultations and support for the students until they begin with their studies.

Contributd universities:


  • Start Date:August 1, 2020
  • End Date:November 29, 2021