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NichaneTashi University was founded by the NishanTashi Fund for Education and culture and began to work as a vocational school and then joined the higher education system as a vocational school. Following the decision to formally establish the university in 2009, it has become one of the most distinctive private universities in Turkey. The university has expanded its horizons by establishing the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Architectural Engineering and the Faculty of Arts and Design. 

The NishanTashi University in Istanbul is located on the European side and comprises three faculties, namely the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture, the Faculty of Economics, Administrative and social sciences, and the Faculty of Arts and Design. The university also includes the Institute of Graduate Studies of Social Sciences and a school with several distinguished disciplines to study the diploma for two years plus three schools. 

Important NOTES: 

The University of NichaneTashi has more than one campus inside Istanbul, where the university is renowned and annexed to the largest closed campus, including the new campus in Malwire, the Sadabad campus and the Osman Bey campus. 

All colleges, institutes and schools are divided into these campuses. The Sadabad campus was recently closed and transferred to Malwires. 


The university obtained recognition in the European Union. 

It has membership in the International Student Exchange System Alayrasmos. 

The countries with which the University has partnered with the student Exchange system are Belgium, Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Latvia, the Czech Republic, Poland, France, Portugal, Slovakia, Romania, Spain, the Netherlands, Slovenia and Ukraine. 

Bachelor program

• Civil Engineering 

• architecture 

• Interior Design 

• Modern Media 

• Aviation Science Management 

• Sociology

• Psychology

• International relations

• Computer Engineering

• architecture

• Electrical and Electronics Engineering

• Genetic and bio-engineering (not available)

• Industrial Engineering

• Mechanical Engineering

• Mechatronics Engineering

• Cooking and culinary Arts

• Graphic Design

• Communication design 

• Music 

• Radio, film and television 

• Performing Arts Department 

• Fashion and textile design 

• Finance and Banks 

• Business Administration 

• Press 

• Capital markets and portfolio management 

• Social Service 

• Tourism Management (not available) 

• Economy 

• Public relations and advertising 

• Accounting and financial management 

• Health Department 

• International trade and logistics 

• Management Information Systems 

• Finance and economy 

• Political science and public relations 

• History 

• Preparatory School for language study