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Founded in 2008 by the Gelisim Foundation for Education, culture, health and social Services, Istanbul University of Gelisim was named the Jelisheim Vocational School by the Ministry of National Education's decision and then took its distinctive position later among the best private universities in Turkey.

The Foundation decided to establish the university in 2011 and has three colleges and three institutes of graduate studies and five schools in various disciplines over two years and a school for the teaching of foreign languages. 

Istanbul Gelisim University is located in Istanbul at the European edge of the Avcilar area near Ataturk Airport.


Istanbul Gelisim University has a number of credits from several Arab countries and the European Union and is characterized by the diversity of specialties in it, and the official language of study at the university is English.

University Programs

Colleges and majors

Majors (Bachelor)

• Computer Engineering
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Mechatronics Engineering
• architecture
• Finance and economy
• Public relations and publicity
• Aviation and aeronautical Management
• English language and literature
• Management
• Psychology
• Radio, film and television
• Political science and public relations
• Political science and international relations
• Sociology 

• Tourist guidance
• Turkish language and literature
• International business and trade management
• Logistics Management and Transportation
• International Trade
• Modern Media
• Management Information Systems
• Gastronomy and cooking
• Graphic Design
• Interior Design
• Interior architecture and Environmental Design
• Communication design
• Fashion and textile design
• Cinema and television
• Nursing
• Nutrition and Food Science 

• Child Development
• Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
• Occupational Therapy
• Audiology
• Social Service
• Healthcare Management
• Blood ischemia
• Orthotics and prosthetic limbs
• Two-year specialization (diploma)