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Founded in 2008, the University of Altin Bash started accepting its students in the 2011-2012 academic year and was ranked among the best private universities in Turkey.
The university is located in the city of Istanbul at the European edge of the city in Bagcilar district of Mahmud Bey District.
The university ranks well in terms of academic arrangement among Turkish universities, where the university is one of the top 100 Turkish universities, where it is characterized by its partnerships with several European countries as well as its membership in the ERASMUS Group of student exchange between universities worldwide

The language of study at the university is English and Turkish and the university has been awarded credits from the European Union and a number of Arab countries at the head of the Arab Republic of Egypt and the state of Iraq.
The university has seven colleges, the first of which are medical group colleges that include the specialization of medicine, dentistry and Pharmacy, and the university has recently progressed significantly in the fields of medical and engineering as well as various administrative areas. 

Objectives of the University of Altin Bash

The university aims to educate a young generation of the new century to gain a great confidence in themselves and be able to interact technologically and informatics worldwide and also work to create vital pathways throughout the world.

Concepts of the University of altin bash:

High quality education
The university is making efforts to develop the functional qualifications of its members to the fullest extent possible to achieve the best educational quality.
Freedom of research
The university provides teachers with full freedom in scientific research and dissemination of results, taking into account the non-default in their other academic duties. 

University Programs

Colleges and majors

(Bachelor program):

• Human medicine
• Dentistry
• Pharmacy
• rights
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• Architectural Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Interior Architectural Design
• Mechanical Engineering
• Software Engineering
• Occupational Health and safety Department
• Management Information Systems
• Gastronomy and cooking
• Sociology 

• Social Sciences
• Social Service
• Graphic Design
• Cinema and television
• Fashion and textile design
• Fine Arts
• Jewelry Design
• Economy
• Business Administration
• Political science and public relations
• International relations
• International Logistics Department
• Psychology
• International Trade
• Diploma Institute Specialties 

Graduate Studies Program

• Master in Electronics and computer engineering
• Master in Information technology
• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Business Administration
• Master of International trade rights
• Master in Industrial Engineering
• Master of strategic marketing and branding
• Master in Mechanical Engineering
• Master Dental Fixtures 

• PhD Specialty Dental Fixtures
• Master of Gum disease specialization
• PhD in Pharmacy science
• Master of Public rights
• Master in Political Science and international relations
• Master in Political Science and international relations
• Master of Arts and design
• Master of International relations
• Master of Mechanical Engineering
• PhD in private law
• PhD in International relations
• PhD in Business Administration
• PhD in electronics and computer engineering