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Why do i study in Turkey?

Turkey has recently become the focus of the attention of many young people around the world who want to pursue their university education in various fields. But what made Turkey a global center in terms of undergraduate study?
The study in Turkey has many advantages, the first of which is the spread of universities in the whole country, there is no city in Turkey but it has become a university or two. Turkey has more than 180 universities across the country. The number of university students in 2018 is approaching 7 million and 560 thousand students between Turkish citizens and different nationalities.

Some Turkish universities were among the top 500 universities worldwide, while the rest of the universities had a high ranking among the world's universities.
Turkey offers a lot of facilities in the student's university life, and the facilities offered to foreigners exceed what is offered in many other countries of the world.

The services of students vary from accommodation to food and transportation to financial and in-kind grants from free and other housing. 

What are the advantages of studying in Turkey?

Turkey ranks first as the fastest nation in the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) to increase the share of scientific research from its projects.
The number of full-time researchers for scientific research in Turkey is 70,000, along with 70,000 others engaged in scientific research in part. But Turkey is still seeking to increase the allocation of human and economic scientific research to keep pace with the rapid development around the world. 

When you study at a Turkish university, you have a lot of opportunities to develop the skills that are practically needed to keep up with the science and business process around the world.
Universities in Turkey have laboratories, libraries and study tools that make collection enjoyable alongside sports facilities and student accommodation.
Turkey is characterized by the cultural diversity that unites East and west on one Earth, where the traditions of the east, the sciences of the West and the work of the world are all combined.
Student and cultural exchange programs in Turkey
Turkish universities are recognized by the European Union and the countries of the world, and their membership in the Global Student exchange program (ERASMUS), giving students an opportunity to study at a European university at the expense of the European Union for a year or a full semester The student has a great academic experience in his field and therefore is eligible for the first ranking in university training programs. In addition, there are a lot of student exchange programs (FARABI) and program (MEVLANA) that give the student a great opportunity to get a study scholarship for a year or a semester in a world other than Turkey and at the expense of the program.

The point of high importance for those who want to study in Turkey. Do the countries of the world accredited Turkish university degrees? 


is the Turkish certificate accredited

Turkish university degrees are recognised throughout the world. In each country there are competent educational bodies that may be asked to recognize a university certificate of non-recognition.


Masters & PhD in Turkish universities

Masters in Turkish universities:

The Master System in Turkey is divided into two sections, the first of which is the master thesis, and the other does not require the thesis. The master thesis program consists of at least seven articles and a master thesis. Those who do not require a message consist of at least ten lessons and a quarterly project.
The duration of the master's study is two years. 

PhD in Turkish universities:

A doctoral study consists of at least seven articles, an adequacy exam, and a letter and letter proposal.
The duration of the study of the materials in the doctorate extends to a maximum of four years, and the PhD program is fully completed eight years.
Those who want to apply for doctoral studies should have a master's degree first. It is possible to apply for "integrated doctoral programs" so that both masters and doctorates are studied at the same, and the final program is presented with a bachelor's degree. 

Required Documents for registration in Turkish universities

Many Arab and foreign students want to study in Turkey, because the educational level in Turkey is similar to the one in many European universities. There is also a lot of scholarships in Turkey offered to foreign students.

What are the required documents for registering in Turkish universities

The Turkish Yös. It is intended for foreign students wishing to attend Turkish government universities. Explanation of the test of yos
The certificate of high School translated


These are the general points on which universities agree and applications for registration may vary between universities, each university has its own internal system

Private universities in Turkey are not required to pass the yos test and only a high school certificate for differentiate and registration. Baher educational group is the most important channel that connects students to their university’s seat in private universities as an official agent for many of the distinctive private universities in Turkey


Shopping and insurance needs in Turkey

Some may have difficulty dealing with people to secure their daily needs in a foreign country. But this can be overcome in Turkey in several matters.
Turkey is one of the countries visited by many tourists for the purpose of shopping only. In every Turkish city, markets and large shopping malls are locate.
In addition, at every corner of the street you will find a supermarket or hypermarket where you can get your basic needs.
In addition to the above, there are weekly local markets. They are markets once a week in neighborhoods in Turkish cities. These markets include fresh vegetables and fruits, clothing and household items at relatively low prices.
In addition to the spread of social circles such as cinema, theatres, concert halls, cafes and restaurants everywhere.
These are the most visited places in Turkey. 

The cost of living and lodging for students in Turkey.

When you decide to travel and study in a country, the most important thing you think about is living and lodging.
In Turkey there are several options available to students that correspond to their physical level.
Turkey remains better than European countries in terms of the cost of living with an educational level comparable to that of European universities.


As we said, housing is one of the most important things a student should consider when deciding to study in Turkey.
One of the options available to the student in terms of housing comes first the Turkish government's student housing, which is the most cost-saving ($50 per month including half-board) in all Turkish cities because the Turkish Government provides support to both foreign and Turkish students.
The second option is private student housing, with costs ranging from $100 to $250 per month.
The benefits of student housing vary from one institution to another.
The third option, which is that the student wants to live in a private apartment, is different here the rent value according to the region and the required apartment specifications.
The rental value of the student apartments in Turkey ranges from $150 to $200 and $300 in Istanbul being the highest cost among Turkish cities. 

The cost of living for students in Turkey varies according to their needs. The overall average (according to a poll among students in Turkey) of the student's living expenses in Turkey is between $100 and $200 per month (excluding housing)
It must be taken into your thought that the overall standard of living determines costs.
Now, you have a high school certificate, and information about the cost of living and housing in Turkey.
Contact us and get your university’s seat with the department you want at the best Turkish universities.. 

Facilities for foreign students

One of the things that attracts foreign students to study in Turkey is the facilities offered to students. These facilities include discounts on transportation, museums and public activities

Transport card:

After registering at a Turkish university, the student receives a student transport card under a student document (Öğrenci Belgesi) extracted from the university and a personal photograph.
For students, the price of boarding is less than half the normal price in all public transport. This is very important for students, especially in Istanbul, which is the largest city in Turkey in terms of transportation expenses 

Museum Card:

The student receives a museum card and enters all Turkish museums at discounted or free rates
Through Baher Educational group, you can get scholarships at private universities up to 75% of the public tuition fee 

The Student Housing:

The student can register on the government student housing and there are many student complexes in all the Turkish universities, and these complexes provide a comfortable school atmosphere for the student at very acceptable prices compared to other housing prices
There are also houses belonging to different endowments. The offer is made to the government student housing and waqf through differentiation 

Turkish universities give students a special email to the university, the student benefits from this email to access the Internet at the university, and to participate in a lot in the sites between them and the university special agreements, the student gets discounts and original programs free through these emails

What is health insurance in Turkey

What is health insurance in Turkey
Turkish law stipulates that every resident of Turkey must extract his own health insurance in order to be able to obtain residency in Turkey. Health insurance covers the expenses of treatment in government and private hospitals in Turkey, according to the insurance company being treated and the type of insurance obtained

The Comprehensive Health Insurance (GSS) covers all foreign students in Turkey, benefiting all from the comprehensive and high-quality medical services provided by the Turkish state
When a student who got health insurance visits any of the hospitals in Turkey, he or she will present the health insurance card given by the Ministry of Health, and the doctor will write the appropriate treatment, and the patient and his medical prescription from any pharmacy in Turkey will pay a nominal amount called "contribution value". Pharmacies operate in Turkey until 7:00 p.m. and there are alternate pharmacies operating until morning in each area.
What are the required documents for the extraction of health insurance
A copy of a passport valid for at least six months
Housing address in Turkey
Health insurance includes all that is classified as an urgent or satisfactory condition. It does not include cosmetic cases.
So before you start any medical procedure you should ask your doctor whether the insurance covers this procedure or not