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Private universities Scholarship

Private universities in Turkey have evolved so that the competition of government universities is academic, technical and even superior in some areas, and we have talked in another article how the student can get the opportunity to study in one of the European countries according to the student exchange programs when studying in Turkish universities.
Many private universities in Turkey target foreign students in particular, and as students from all over the world go to study in Turkey, Turkey has become the top pyramid in the university education system for foreign students.

Many private universities offer scholarships to both Turkish and foreign students, and even more than grants to foreigners that are offered to Turks, and many universities do not require a certificate other than the high school certificate.
What prompted students to go to study in Turkey more 

In Baher education group being the official agent of many private universities in Turkey, we provide students who apply to study through US scholarships at private universities up to 90% and sometimes even 100%.

Turkish Government Scholarship:

The Turkish government offers international students from all over the world scholarships

Scholarships for private universities:

Turkish universities offer high discounts and scholarships under certain conditions