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Turkish government scholarships

The Turkish government offers scholarships to foreign students from all over the world, and Turkish grants are one of the most renowned grant programmes around the world for almost all of the disciplines and all academic stages.
The Turkish government annually provides at least 4,000 scholarships, which in turn has led to an increase in the number of arrivals to study in Turkey from around the world.

What does the Turkish scholarship offer to the student?

To stay in a free student residence at public university accommodation with food and students who do not want to stay at the State University residences can be accommodated at their own expense.
Health insurance, students can receive treatment at government hospitals free of charge and at reduced fees at some private hospitals.
Study Turkish language for one year in language teaching centers.
Air ticket to enter Turkey and a flight ticket out of it after finishing the study.
Enjoy all the benefits that other students enjoy.
The scholarship holders do not pay university fees.
In addition to all the above, there is a monthly salary for students at different school levels.
Bachelor 700 TL per month
Masters 950 TL per month
PhD 1400 TL per month
Scientific research 3000 TL per month 

1- age requirement...
2- Not attending a Turkish university at the same level as he intends to apply to.
3- To be graduated or is about to graduate from the High School (baccalaureate), it is possible to submit a document from the school where the student is studying secondary school in it proves that the rate of the second year in high school is not less than 70% and is restricted to the third stage in the general secondary It is therefore possible to apply until the high School certificate that will be obtained is issued.
4- The rate in the general high school should not be less than 70% for all disciplines that are interested in other than the medical group
5- Students wishing to specialize in the medical group must have a minimum rate of 90% in the general secondary school (human medicine, dentistry and pharmacy). 

Copy of valid passport
Copy of signs/grades Transcript
Copy of high School Certificate
Clear photo with white or blue background
Turkish grants are applied directly and free of charge through the grant management website. 

1- Age Requirement
2- The Bachelor's rate should not be less than 75%

The documents required for master's students to apply to Turkish scholarship programs are:
A copy of a bachelor's degree with a grade statement
Copy of the high School certificate with the degree statement
A report from a paper or two in English explaining why you chose Turkey
Copy of valid passport
White or blue background photo
Letter of recommendation

Important NOTE: Students who have not yet graduated and are about to graduate from the undergraduate level must bring the degree statement until the last semester they have studied at the university.
Turkish grants are applied directly and free of charge through the grant management website. 

1- Age Requirement
2- not less than 75% masters rate

The documents required for PhD students to apply to Turkish scholarship programs are:

High School Certificate with grading
Bachelor degree with grade statement
Master Certificate with Grading
Excerpts from the master's thesis
Two letters of recommendation: it is preferable that these letters be taken from the university professors graduating from the student and in the event of any impediments in the extraction of these letters from the university graduating the student can extract these letters from his employer in the case of his work or from any employer such as any of the private sectors assists him in Extract.
Turkish grants are applied directly and free of charge through the grant management website. 

Turkish Government Scholarship:

The Turkish government offers international students from all over the world scholarships

Scholarships for private universities:

Turkish universities offer high discounts and scholarships under certain conditions