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About Bahar Group

Do you want to study in Turkey? Are you looking for a university to complete your university journey with reduced fees and special offers? We, Bahar Group for Educational Services, are honored to provide our services and expertise to Arab students who wish to pursue their university education in the best Turkish universities, in addition to being accredited agents for more than 30 universities in Turkey, so we help students register and get the best offers and discounts. We offer the following services

Why Study In Turkey

Many reasons to choose Turkey as a study destination Because, you will find many universities, countless courses to choose from, degrees of universal value and reasonable costs of living.

Best Universities in Turkey

Bahceshehir University

study in Bahceshehir University in English

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Altinbas University

study in Altinbas University in English

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Medipol University

study in Medipol University in English

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Istinye University

study in Istinye University in English

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Aydin University

study in Aydin University in English

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Üsküdar University

study in Üsküdar University in English

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Gelisim University

study in Gelisim University in English

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Biruni University

study in Biruni University in English

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Özyeğin University

study in Özyeğin University in English

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& more than 30 other Turkish universities
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How to apply ?

You can fill up the form below, to allow one of our experts to contact you and provide further information regarding the application process. An alternative is to contact us directly regarding your inquiries, and we will help you accordingly.

To reach your university seat, you can fill out the form below with attaching the required documents, afterword a representative of our team will contact with you shortly for further inquiries. Do not hesitate to start your future with us.

2.4k+ Registered Student

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Free consultation per month

+ 3000

Free consultation per month

+ 3000

Free consultation per month

What we do -

Our featured services

Why to apply via us? Because we are an official representative of Turkish Universities, all our services are provided free, and ensure for you university acceptance under the supervision of highly educated experts in the field.

provide consultancy

Provide consultancy

Providing correct educational advice and appropriate guidance to students in choosing a major and university

university admissions

University admissions

Registration and initial admission, and follow-up procedures until becoming an official university student.

discount and grants

Discounts & grants

Offering partial scholarships and exclusive discounts to all registered students on fees for all universities.

student housing

Student housing

Assistance in facilitating legal procedures in terms of residency, visa, health insurance and residence permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Provide the right educational consultancy and the suitable guidance for students in choosing the major and the university to ensure future success.

Registering in universities freely with the conditional acceptance, and following the student’s procedure until he/she became an official university student.

Required documents for the admission application, Bachelor:

  • Passport
  • Personal photo
  • High school transcript
  • High school diploma
  • Student’s email
  • Required documents for the admission application, Master:

  • Passport
  • Personal photo
  • High school transcript
  • High school diploma
  • Student’s email
  • Optional documents for both admission applications:

  • CV
  • Motivation latter
  • Due to the wide range of experience, our staff have for 8 + years. In addition to the strong relations with universities that is capable of solving all students’ issues.

    The first step is to contact our educational consultant specialists, and then they will be able to guide you systematically. Finally, from the pool of majors and universities, there will be limited options to choose from in the best universities.

    Our team will keep updating you regarding any changes in the application status from the admission acceptance until receiving the student card.

    For university admission, it is possible to hand them to us directly if the student was in Turkey. If not, the electrical copied version of the documents can be send via the website form or to the WhatsApp number.

    As an educational consultancy agency, which the Turkish government legally authorize. In addition, being one of the leading companies in the field, and the representative who gained the trust of more than 40 universities in Turkey.

    There are specific steps of applying to Turkish Universities, the admission process, conditional acceptance, deposit payment, final acceptance, visa request, final registration, and receiving university ID card. For more information do not hesitate to contact us.

    Eligibility of the university admission can be checked when the student has a high school transcript and has finished the 12 grade. However, in terms of grades, the student has to contact the educational consultant to get further detailed information.

    The academic year in Turkey opens one time per year March - September yearly. During this duration, it is possible to apply and get your acceptance in your dream university.

    The scholarships opportunities in different universities change annually, for that reason, contacting us will be the easiest way to know the updated version of the scholarships.

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