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The university was founded in 2009 by the National Health and Education Endowment in Istanbul. It has 10 colleges and two institutes. The university aims to produce a generation of educated young people who contribute to the world's academic and technological development and raise the level of education in the country.
The university's vision is to educate graduates capable of directing academic work in their field, transforming it into a research, development and Perfection Center required in all scientific fields.


The university is distinguished by its membership in the Global Student exchange program (ERASMUS) which gives students the opportunity to study in the universities of the European countries through the university. Every year, university agreements are more than ever before.


The university has also concluded "good faith" agreements with the universities of three countries.

Majors (Bachelor program):

• Human medicine
• rights
• Psychology
• English language and literature
• English translation
• Molecular biology and genetics
• Turkish language and literature
• Graphic Design
• Theatre
• Pharmacy
• Political science and international relations 
• Physical therapy and rehabilitation
• Nursing
• Safety and practical health
• Health Management 

• International trade and logistics
• Business Administration
• Visual Communication design
• Public relations and advertising
• Radio, television and cinema
• New Media and journalism
• Dentistry
• Biomedical Engineering
• Electrical and electronic Engineering 
• Interior architecture and Environmental Design
• architecture
• Nutrition and diet

• rights
• Banking and insurance
• Foreign Trade
• Public relations and definition
• Logistics
• Radio and television programmes
• Hotels and tourism
• Oral and dental health
• Operating Room Services
• Anesthesia
• Child Development
• Pharmaceutical Services
• First Aid
• Hearing measurement
• Optics
• Medical archiving and Secretarial
• Medical Supply techniques
• Medical laboratory Techniques
• Care for the infirm