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The University of özyeğin was founded in 2007 and it is one of the wonderful universities in Turkey, which is located in the Asian section of Istanbul and is ranked among the best private universities within Turkey and is characterized by the distinctive educational level offered and academic staff coming from the United States of America and Canada, which Helps students reach the highest bikes of excellence.
The University of özyeğin has the first green campus in Turkey with a certificate (leadership in energy and Environmental design), 20 minutes from the center of the city. 

University features

Studying at özyeğin University is as different as the atmosphere. özyeğin university site in the middle of Istanbul's forests, and within the university there are luxury amenities such as the Olympic swimming pool, Olympic Stadium and gym. Well-suited libraries for study, all of which are free of charge within the university.
özyeğin University is one of the best international universities and is characterized by job creation and the qualification of graduate students with higher scientific excellence. The university has strong partnerships and holds global corporate conferences with students during their studies, to meet students for work to choose from according to the right job opportunities for each specialty. 


The university has the recognition of many Arab countries such as the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan and the Arab Republic of Egypt.
University agreements and partnerships with international companies to provide job opportunities for their students
• Partnership with the Turkish company "I jet" for professional civil aviation.
• A partnership with French gastronomy by Lee Cordon Bleu.
• Partnership with Swiss International Hotel series. 

Majors (Bachelor program)

Colleges and majors

• International relations
• rights
• Business Administration
• International Trade
• International Finance
• Economy 

• Entrepreneurship
• Information Systems Management
• architecture
• Industrial Design
• Visual Communication design
• Interior architecture and Environmental Design
• Gastronomy and cooking
• Computer Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering

• Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Engineering of natural sciences and mathematics
• Hotel Management
• Department of Civil Aviation and airports
• Professional Flight