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Istanbul Koltor University was founded by the stop of Cultural Education in 1997 by the founder Fahamettin Akıngüç, a master of Civil Engineering and worked as an engineer and contractor after graduating from Istanbul Technical University.
Istanbul Koltor University, with its faculty members and students, has been able to follow developments in the educational, cultural and scientific fields and take advantage of these developments with the joint cooperation agreements between them and the universities of the European Union, the United States of America and Canada. Australia, Latin America, Asia and Germany. 
Features of Istanbul Coltor University
Istanbul Coltor has its location at the European edge of Istanbul city centre near Ataturk Airport and has a public legal identity. It is a private university recognized by the Turkish Higher Education Council and is one of the best private universities in Turkey.

Students of Istanbul University koltor can spend a year outside Turkey through the student cultural exchange program within the framework of the global conventions. 

Global Agreements

For students of higher vocational institutes who wish to pursue their studies in undergraduate programs, both inside and outside Turkey, they can pursue their undergraduate degree in American universities with which the University has joint cooperation agreements. 


The University at the research centers and the higher vocational institutes and its modern educational system is distinguished in the field of scientific and educational research.

Bachelor program

Colleges and majors

• Civil Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• rights
• architecture
• architecture
• Industrial Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Interior Architectural Design
• Interior Architectural Design
• Communication design
• English language and literature
• Turkish language and literature
• Communication Arts 

• Communication Management
• Cinema and television
• New Communications and media systems
• Cartoon and animation
• Educational Sciences
• Foreign Languages
• Primary Education
• Entrepreneurship
• Economy
• Business Administration
• Business Administration
• International relations
• International Trade
• International Trade
• Psychology
• Physics Sciences
• Math Science
• Genetics and molecules
• Psychology
• Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
• Nutrition and Food Science