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Estinia University is one of the distinctive private universities in Turkey and combines three brands of hospitals, namely:
Liv Hospital – Medical Park – VM Medical Park
Founded in 2015 by the Anatolian Foundation.
The University of Estinia is characterized by the inclusion of many medical specialties located in Istanbul at the European party and also features its distinctive scientific environment which includes several hospitals which are known as the strongest specialty hospitals in Istanbul and all cities of Turkey. 


Estinia University is trying to create distinctive training opportunities for students who are enrolled and help them create jobs within the university's hospitals.


The vision of the university aims to create distinctive scientific research in the medical field and to play a distinctive role in the scientific development

University Programs

Colleges and majors

• Human medicine
• Pharmacy
• Molecular Science and genetics
• Sociology
• Psychology
• English language and literature
• architecture

مجموعة الهندسات

• Mechanical Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• Industrial Systems Engineering
• Economy
• Business Administration
• International relations
• International administration and trade

• Management Information Systems
• Public relations and advertising
• Modern Media
• Radio, film and television
• Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
• Nursing
• Diploma Specialties
• Study of the preparatory year for the language