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İsik university is One of the strongest private universities in Turkey, which has proven its presence on the scientific scene among Turkish universities, is a strong university, especially in recent times.

Founded in 1996 by Fayez Schools, the university campus is located in the Shilla area of the Asian section of Istanbul, overlooking the Black Sea, where the College of Engineering, the Faculty of Science and Arts, the Faculty of Architecture and Design, the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, and the School of language preparation The university is also located in a wide area of the European side where there are two institutes for graduate students and the Faculty of Fine Arts where the university area ranges from about 490 thousand square meters. All of the students ' modern needs are accommodated in halls, libraries, conference centres, sports stadiums and other activities. 

University goals 

Enlightenment of society through science, technology, art, engineering and mathematics The university also works to qualify and train students to meet the challenges of life and support the education system in Turkey. 

Why isik university

The University of isik university has a good reputation for its major research in Turkey.
Innovative and multidisciplinary academic programs and professional faculty members.
Teaching the majority of programs in English.
A true experience of the world campus.
The university has obtained recognition from the European Union and a number of Arab countries. 

University Programs

Colleges and majors

• Management Information Systems
• Political Science
• International relations
• International Logistics Department
• International Trade
• Psychology
• Humanities and Social Sciences 

• Economy
• Business Administration
• architecture
• Interior Design and architecture
• Industrial Product Design
• Computer Engineering
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• Mechatronics Engineering
• Automotive Engineering
• Software Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering

• Civil Engineering
• Medical Equipment Engineering
• Cinema and television
• Fashion and textile design
• Visual Communication design
• Communication Arts
• Interior Design
• English Courses