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The University of yeditepi is a private university founded in 1996 by Mr. Bader al-Din Dalan in accordance with modern standards, through which he cared for young people, focusing on advanced teaching methods in all departments and attracting students from all over the world.
The language of instruction is English, with 12 colleges and foreign language schools as well as a vocational training school.
The university is one of the best Turkish universities and is ranked among the top 50 Turkish universities at the local level and takes a place among the top 2,000 universities around the world on a permanent basis. 


The university is also affiliated with the Specialized Dental hospital in Baghdad Street.


The university is distinguished by its medical specialties such as the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Dentistry and the faculty of Pharmacy. In the postgraduate programme, the College of Dentistry and other faculties started working in 2000-2001 with the postgraduate programme.

University Programs

Colleges and majors

• Human medicine
• Pharmacy
• Dentistry
• rights
• Economy
• Business Administration
• Public relations
• International relations and Political science
• International Business Administration
• International relations and Political science
• E-commerce and technology management
• Information Systems and techniques
• Business management and international trade
• International Logistics and Transportation
• Management Information Systems
• Tourism and hotel Management
• Human Science
• English language and literature
• History
• Mathematics
• Philosophy
• Physics
• Psychology
• Sociology
• Translation and Interpreting
• Turkish language and literature
• Press
• Visual Communication design
• Public relations and publicity
• Radio, film and television 

• Communication and advertising design
• architecture
• Interior Design and architecture
• Industrial Product Design
• Interior Architecture
• Computer education and education Programme technology
• Primary level mathematics education programmes
• English language teaching programs
• Turkish language teaching programs
• Computer Engineering
• Medical Equipment Engineering
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• Industrial Systems Engineering
• Bioengineering and genetics
• Food Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Materials Engineering and nanotechnology
• Nursing
• Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
• Nutrition and Food Science
• Gastronomy and culinary Arts
• Graphic Design
• Fashion and textile design
• Fine arts and painting
• Arts Management
• Theatre
• Preparatory School for English language learning 

• Master of Educational Economics and planning
• Master of Education and teaching programs
• Master of Education and Supervision administration
• Master in Information technology and social media
• Master in Psychological counseling and counseling
• Master of English language teaching
• Master in Oral and dental surgery
• Master in Oral, dental and geriatric anesthesia Programs
• Master of Root Therapy
• Master in Dental implants
• Master in Pediatric Dentistry
• Master in Dental compensation
• Master of Dental Treatment
• Orthodontic Master
• Master of Nutrition and Food science
• Master in Chemical Economics and pharmacology
• Master in Chemical Economics and pharmacology
• Master of Pharmacy Chemistry
• Master of Pharmacy Chemistry
• Master in Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
• Master in Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
• Master of Nursing
• Master of Nursing
• Master in Clinical Pharmacy
• Master in Clinical Pharmacy
• Cosmetic Master
• Cosmetic Master
• Master in Molecular Medicine
• Master in Physical therapy
• Master in occupational health and safety
• Master in pharmaceutical and cosmetic production techniques
• Master in pharmaceutical and cosmetic production techniques
• Master in Physiology
• Master in Health management
• Master in Health management
• Master in Health physics
• Master of Public Health management
• Master of Human Science
• Master in Bio-anthropology
• Master of Knowledge Science
• Master of Philosophy
• Master in Financial economics
• Master of Public journalism
• Master of Visual communication design
• Master of Graphic Design
• Master of Public Relations and publicity
• Master of Law
• Master of English language and literature
• Master of Business Administration