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The University of Uskudar was founded in 2011 and is a modern private university in Turkey and is in continuous progress to become one of the most important private universities in Turkey because of its dependence on practical opportunities that grow with the thought and mind of the student to the highest grades in working life.

Besides practical life, the University of Uskudar relies on the technology it provides to its students in all fields, whether medical or scientific. The university is characterized by a number of distinct medical fields, both in diploma and undergraduate and postgraduate level. 

Goals of the University of Uskudar

The University of Uskudar operates according to a plan that connects it to the world's best university list by 2023, to be a partner in the economic and intellectual growth of Turkey.
The university is distinguished by its partnership with several European universities and its membership in ERASMUS International Student exchange. 


The University of Uskudar was created on the basis of high academic success and quality, and aims to stay at a high level in international relations.

University Programs

Colleges and majors

• Psychology
• Animation
• Communication and advertising design
• Media and communication systems
• Public relations
• Visual Communication design
• Radio, film and television
• Public relations
• Philosophy
• Sociology 

• Bio-Engineering
• Political science and public relations
• Chemical and biological engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Forensic Science
• Industrial Engineering
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• Engineering of genetics and Molecular Sciences
• Software Engineering
• Audiology
• Child Development
• Nursing 

• Health Department
• Caring for women on pregnancy and childbirth
• Nutrition and Food Science
• Occupational Health and safety
• Occupational Therapy
• Orthotics and prosthetic limbs
• Blood ischemia
• Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
• Speech therapy
• Preparatory year for language study
• Diploma Specialties