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Kadir Has University was founded in 1997 in Istanbul at the European end by the late architect Abdelkader who gave his life to education during his scientific career.
The university consists of seven faculties, namely the Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, the Faculty of Economics, Administration and Social Sciences, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Information, the Faculty of Art and Design and the Faculty of Applied Sciences, as well as many vocational schools and graduate programs to become a pioneer in Educational and cultural fields in the Republic of Turkey.
The university is also working on its plan to become a high-quality international center in the field of scientific research development.
From the sayings of the late engineer Abdelkader the founder of the university: "We will strive to do what is best for our country, and in line with this slogan, our goal is to facilitate the education, development and prosperity of today's youth through innovative research and academic teaching that inspires democratic thinking and practice. We believe that with education we can fortify our children, as did previous generations, to meet their own needs. 

Our goal

is to create an environment of education, research and discussion at the level of the best universities in the world. Thus, we provide education based on the basics of all traditional disciplines and modern and advanced disciplines. We seek to enhance the skills needed to sustain social and cultural development.


The university is located in Istanbul on the European side, and is considered one of the best Turkish universities, but one of the top 100 Turkish universities and the top 3,000 universities globally.

The university has partnered with several British and American universities and features distinguished teaching staff from the United States of America and Britain. It is also recognized by the States of the European Union and a number of Arab states, the first being the state of Iraq and the Arab Republic of Egypt. 

University Programs

Colleges and majors

Majors (Bachelor program)

• Real estate and asset valuation
• International trade and logistics
• Industrial Product Design
• Graphic Design
• Interior architecture and Environmental Design
• Theatre
• architecture
• Public relations and information
• Modern Media
• Radio, film and television
• Advertising
• Economy
• Political science and public relations
• International relations
• American culture and literature
• Psychology
• rights
• Molecular geometry and genetics
• Computer Engineering
• Electrical and electronic Engineering
• Energy Systems Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Business Administration
• International trade and Finance
• Management Information Systems
• Banks and insurance
• Accounting and financial management 

Masters Programs:

Master in Computer Engineering
Master in Electronic Engineering
Master in Industrial Engineering
Master in Financial engineering
Master in biology using computer technologies
Master in architecture and financial civilizational studies
Master in Information management systems
Master in the preservation of cultural heritage
Master of Film and drama
Master of Communication Studies
Master in corporate Communications and public relations management
Master of Public Law
Master of Private Law
Master in International relations
Master of Modern Media
Master of Cinema and television
Master in Sustainable Energy development
Master of Psychology
Master of Business Administration
Master of Marketing
Master of Finance and banks
Master of Economics
Master in Risk management 

Doctoral programs

PhD in Electronic Engineering
PhD in Computer Engineering
PhD in Industrial Engineering
PhD in biology using computer technologies
PhD in Finance and finance
PhD in International relations
PhD in Economics
Doctorate in Law