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Istanbul Sahier University was established in 2008 in Istanbul and is considered one of the best private universities in Turkey and seeks to implement all the standards of educational quality and use the latest technological means to become one of the best universities locally and internationally.

The university offers 13 undergraduate programmes in 6 colleges, 12 Master's programs and 3 PhD programs. One of the most important features of the university is that it allows its students to spend an academic year outside the university through international student exchange programs with European universities, the United States, China and England. 


Istanbul Sahier University is renowned for being a highly valued university in the world and from prestigious universities in Turkey and the region. Istanbul Sahier University has won a number of confessions in a number of Arab countries such as Palestine, Jordan and the Arab Republic of Egypt.


The message that the university is always looking to apply is research, understanding and sharing: Searching for good, truth and beauty, understanding the individual, society and nature, sharing the knowledge generated by this "research and understanding " with humanity.

University Programs

Colleges and majors

Majors (Bachelor program):

• Political science and international relations
• architecture
• Sociology
• Psychology
• Philosophy
• Turkish language and literature
• English language and literature
• Cinema and television
• Computer Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• rights
• Islamic Studies
• Management
• Entrepreneurship
• International administration and trade
• Management Information Systems
• History
• Public relations 

Master Program:

• Master in Cultural Studies
• Master in Political Science and international relations
• Master of Sociology
• Master of History
• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Private rights
• Master of Cinema and television
• Master of Cultural Studies
• Master of Clinical Psychology
• Master in computer and electronics engineering
• Master in Industrial Engineering and systems
• Master in security and protection systems engineering
• Mastr in Data science 

PhD Program:

• PhD History
• PhD in private law
• Doctorate of public rights