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Founded in 1999, the University is one of the most distinguished private universities in Turkey and has more than 12,000 students from different countries around the world. It offers 53 bachelor programs, the most important of which are medical, which includes the specialization of medicine and dentistry.
It also offers 28 masters and 8 PhD programs in 6 colleges, 2 higher education schools, 3 institutes, and 2-year diploma programmes through the vocational higher education school and preparing students for professional working life.

okan University aims to be a global university with the slogan of the university closest to the business life, with expert faculty members and the modern pedagogical approach where students are prepared for the working life since the first year.
It combines theory and practice with practical programs, and thanks to units within the university such as the job center helps students and graduates in opening the doors of the business world, where the mother tongue of study at the university is English provides opportunities to learn many languages such as Turkish, Russian, Arabic and Chinese. 


okan University attaches great importance to being an international institution and aims to be a global university with international academic cooperation as the University has membership in the Erasmus International Student exchange program, which is supported by the European Union as well as distinguished as the first Turkish university with membership in the Exchange network International students.


In broad collaboration with partners, okan University offers exchange opportunities with 400 different institutions around the world for its students. It is recognized by the European Union and a number of Arab states.

University Programs

Colleges and majors

Bachelor program

• Human medicine
• Dentistry
• Food science and nutrition
• Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
• Finance and Banks
• Business Administration
• International relations
• Tourism and hotel Management
• International Logistics
• International Trade
• Health Department
• Computer Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Food Engineering
• Mechatronics Engineering
• Industrial Product Design
• Aviation and airport management
• Psychology
• rights
• Psychological counseling and guidance
• Automotive Engineering
• Professional Flight
• architecture
• Power system Architecture (currently not available for international students)
• English Courses
• English language study (for dental specialties, human medicine and aviation training) 

Masters Program

• Master of Business Administration
• Master of Architecture
• Master of Advanced technology in the field of communications and electronics
• Master of Energy Electronics and clean energy systems 


phD Program

• PhD in Business Administration
• PhD in Architectural Engineering
• PhD Mechatronics