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Built upon the concept of “Our local I identity to be the global vision”, Istanbul Ticaret University was established in 2001. Founded by 133 businessmen from the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce. Istanbul Chamber of Commerce is considered one of the strongest Chambers of Commerce internationally. Istanbul Ticaret University build clear bridges between the student and the labor market. The main aim of the university is to raise and develop the human qualifications economically. Therefore, it contribute in increasing the Turkish economy in terms of trade and industry. For this reason Istanbul Ticaret is one of the best Turkish universities that are specialized in Trade and economy.

It has 6 colleges, 4 institutes In addition to the English language preparation department, as well as various research and application centers.
The university is located in the region of sutluce and Kucukyali.
It combines scientific and technological development with cultural and artistic events, making it a place where research can be established worldwide.
With the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce, each university student has an adequate professional career, along with world-class education that is compatible with realistic theories and applications in working life.


Istanbul University of Commerce is accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Higher Education. In addition, it is accredited by the European Union and the United States of America. This contributes in the first place to expand the student exchange program worldwide.


Provide the exchange program between the universities worldwide for the students, especially in European Union, Canada, and USA for the student to get different experiences from other countries around the globe.

Istanbul Commercial University has strong external relations with the world’s universities and membership in the Global Student exchange program (ERASMUS), allowing its students and students of the world to exchange scientific and practical cultures and experiences. The university has 80 of the best universities around the world.

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