Işik university

Işik University

Since its founding in 1996, Işık University has strengthened today to 5 Faculties with 35 undergraduate programs, two Vocational Schools with 21 associate degree programs, Graduate Institutes in Social Sciences and Applied Sciences, a School of Foreign Languages, and a Center for Continuing Education.

Işık University, a central focus of the Feyziye Schools Foundation 134 cultural life, with its strong faculty membership and proactive administration, has established an institution that provides the work and academic worlds with future “GOOD” individuals who have vision and conviction.

To answer today’s demands, Işık University has established two campuses – in Şile and Maslak – set near the modern city life as well as in a natural environment on 490,000 square meters with modern infrastructure, classrooms, dormitories, libraries, social and athletic facilities, and an art gallery. The Faculty of Fine Arts, the Vocational Schools, the Center for Continuing Education, the Social Sciences Institute and the Applied Sciences Institute are located on the Maslak Campus; all other faculties and departments are found on the Şile Campus.

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Program Level Language Register Remove
Computer Engineering Doctor's DegreeEN
Electronic Engineering Doctor's DegreeEN
Mathematics Doctor's DegreeEN
Science of Art Doctor's DegreeEN
Contemporary Management Studies Doctor's DegreeEN
Civil Engineering (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN And TR
Computer Engineering (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN
Biomedical Engineering (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN
Electrical and Electronics Engineering (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN
Industrial Engineering (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN
Mechanical Engineering (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN And TR
Mechatronics Engineering (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN
Software Engineering (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN
Humanities and Social Sciences (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN
Psychology (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN And TR
Management Information Systems (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN And TR
Industrial Design (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sTR
Interior Architecture and Environmental Design (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN
Architecture (Şile Campus) Bachelor'sEN And TR
Economics (Maslak Campus) Bachelor'sEN
Business Administration (Maslak Campus) Bachelor'sEN And TR
Political Science (Maslak Campus) Bachelor'sEN
International Relations (Maslak Campus) Bachelor'sEN
International Logistics Administration (Maslak Campus) Bachelor'sEN
International Trade (Maslak Campus) Bachelor'sEN
Visual Arts (Maslak Campus) Bachelor'sTR
Visual Communication Design (Maslak Campus) Bachelor'sTR
Interior Architecture (Maslak Campus) Bachelor'sTR
Fashion and Textile Design (Maslak Campus) Bachelor'sTR
Cinema and Television (Maslak Campus) Bachelor'sTR
Civil Engineering Master'sEN
Computer Engineering Master'sEN
Electronic Engineering Master'sEN
Industrial Engineering Master'sEN
Financial Engineering Master'sEN
Mechanical Engineering Master'sEN
Information Technologies Master'sEN
Visual communication Design Master'sTR
Interior Architecture Master'sTR
Clinical Psychology Master'sTR
Executive MBA Master'sEN And TR
Middle Eastern Studies Master'sEN
Accounting and Finance Master'sTR
Cinema & Television Master'sTR
International Relations Master'sEN
eMBA (Online-Distant) Master'sTR
e-Accounting and Auditing (Distance Learning) Master'sTR
e-Marketing and Brand Management (Distance Learning) Master'sTR
e-Finance (Distance Learning) Master'sTR
e-Logistics and International Trade (Distance Learning) Master'sTR
e-Human Resources Management (Distance Learning) Master'sTR
Architectural Restoration DiplomaTR
Graphic Design DiplomaTR
Radio and Television Programming DiplomaTR
Fashion Design DiplomaTR
Audiometry DiplomaTR
Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program DiplomaTR
Occupational Health and Safety DiplomaTR
Surgery Room Services DiplomaTR
Optician DiplomaTR
Medical Laboratory Techniques DiplomaTR
Medical Imaging Techniques DiplomaTR
First Aid and Emergency DiplomaTR