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This university is considered one of the strongest Turkish universities in the heart of Istanbul. It was established in the year of 2014 and its main campus is located in an area called the historical Topkapi in the middle of Istanbul. Its buildings contain several hospitals to help students achieve their academic experience and gain experiences. In addition, the location of the university is rich with different type of transportations that will make transporting easy for students.

The majors that the university is specialized in teaching are the medical departments such as Medicine, Dentistry, and Pharmacy due to its believe in the upcoming generations and the importance of building their characteristics and medical experiences. The university’s administration demonstrates the name from the famous scientist “Biruni”, who is approved by the UNESCO as an intelligent scientist.
It has accomplished a noticeable increase in the previous period. Moreover, several agreements have been done with different educational institutes globally, this open the doors for gradual growth, development, and international recognitions.
Biruni University provides variety of medical departments in both languages Turkish and English. To add, the educational methodology used is the newly updated one utilized internationally. It has laboratories with all the required necessary equipment and technological facilities to expand the experience in the practical manner.
It is recommended for students, who are willing to pursue their academic journey in the medical field.

Advantages of studying in Biruni University

-Experienced and highly qualified academic staff reaching more than 300 instructor.
-The location is special since it is in the middle of Istanbul, therefore, it is easy to reach it.
-Several international job opportunities in other highly specialized health institutes that have collaboration with the university.
-Highly developed hospitals for the university, which are considered the most famous ones in term of departments related to medicine and health sciences.
-It provides hiring center that helps students and graduates for planning their goals and developing their labor traits. In addition, it elevates their educational experiences that will open easier opportunities to enter the labor market.

University's goals

-Attract the outstanding students academically and support them.
-Supply the students with information about different nations, and gain the highest amount of practical experiences via the exchange students program such as Erasmus.
-Ensuring the highest educational level with trained experts in health majors in cooperation with Higher Educational Council.
-Focusing on the medical departments to have an essential role.
-Support and guide the students toward research projects from the first year.

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Programs Level Language Register Remove
Medicine Bachelor'sEN And TR
Dentistry Bachelor'sEN And TR
Pharmacy Bachelor'sTR
Biomedical Engineering Bachelor'sEN
Molecular Biology and Genetics Bachelor'sEN
Pre-school Education Bachelor'sTR
Talented People Education Bachelor'sTR
Guidance and Counselling Bachelor'sTR
Child Development Bachelor'sTR
 Language & Pronunciation Therapy Bachelor'sTR
Midwifery Bachelor'sTR
Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Bachelor'sTR
Nursing Bachelor'sTR
English Language and Literature Bachelor'sTR
Audiology Bachelor'sTR
Health Care Managament Bachelor'sTR
Social Service Bachelor'sTR
Occupational Therapy Bachelor'sTR
Nutrition and Dietetics Bachelor'sTR
Turkish Language Bachelor'sTR
English Language Bachelor'sEN
Special Education Master'sTR
Nutrition and Dietetics Master'sTR
Biostatistics Master'sTR
Nursing Master'sTR
Workers' Health and Safety Master'sTR
Clinical Embryology Master'sTR
Molecular and Medical Genetics Master'sEN
Health Management Master'sTR
Midwifery Master'sTR
Obstetrics and Gynaecologic Nursing Doctor's DegreeTR
Drug Design and Development Doctor's DegreeTR
Health Management Doctor's DegreeTR
Medical Genetics Doctor's DegreeTR
Orthodontics Doctor's DegreeTR
Periodontology Doctor's DegreeTR
Prosthetic Dentistry Doctor's DegreeTR