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Beykent University opened its doors to students the first time in 1997-1998, and is one of the best private universities in Turkey.
You grow up day after day with what you offer. beykent University in education relies on modern methods, methods and educational systems in a practical environment based on practice and innovation with the help of a distinguished scientific team.
Beykent University has 15,000 students, half of them are studying with a scholarship. It has five different campuses, eight colleges and four technical institutes, three research centres and a centre for supplementary education. The university also provides education in the distance education system.

Beykent University is distinguished by its distinctive specialties and its comprehensiveness, with many specialties in English and Turkish. It is a university accredited by the European Union and several Arab countries.

Majors (Bachelor program):

• representation
• architecture
• architecture
• Finance and Banks
• Finance and Banks
• Medical Equipment Engineering
• Business Administration
• Business Administration
• Capital market and portfolio management
• Cinema and television
• Cinema and television
• Civil Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Design and communication
• Computer Engineering
• Computer Engineering
• Dentistry
• Human medicine
• Economy
• Economy
• Electrical and Electronics Engineering
• English language and literature
• Cooking and culinary Arts
• Graphic Design
• Occupational Health and safety Department
• History
• Industrial Engineering
• Industrial Engineering
• Industrial Product Design
• Industrial Product Design

• Interior Design and architecture
• International Logistics and Transportation
• International relations
• International Trade
• International Trade
• rights
• Management Information Systems
• Mechanical Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Information and communication
• Modern Media
• Modern Media
• Nursing
• Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
• Nutrition and Food Science
• Political science and public administration
• Political science and public administration
• Psychology
• Public relations and advertising
• Sociology
• Sociology
• Software Engineering
• Studio and theatrical Arts management
• Television and programme reporting
• Fashion and textile design
• Tourism and hotel Management
• Translation and Interpreting
• Translation and Interpreting
• Turkish language and literature
• Visual Communication design

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Programs Level Language Register Remove
Health Care Managament Bachelor'sTR
International Logistics and Transportation Bachelor'sEN And TR
International Relations Bachelor'sEN
International Trade Bachelor'sEN And TR
Management Information Systems Bachelor'sEN And TR
Political Sciences and Public Management Bachelor'sEN And TR
History Bachelor'sTR
Psychology Bachelor'sTR
Sociology Bachelor'sEN And TR
Law Bachelor'sTR
Acting Bachelor'sTR
Cinema & Television Bachelor'sEN And TR
Communication and Design Bachelor'sTR
Gastronomy and Culinary Arts Bachelor'sTR
Graphic Design Bachelor'sTR
Media and Communication Bachelor'sTR
New Media Bachelor'sEN And TR
Public Relations and Advertising Bachelor'sTR
Television Reporting and Programming Bachelor'sTR
Visual Communication Bachelor'sTR
Fashion and Textile Design Bachelor'sTR
Tourism and Hotel Management Bachelor'sTR
English Language and Literature Bachelor'sEN
Translation and Interpreting (English) Bachelor'sEN And TR
Turkish Language and Literature Bachelor'sTR
Anesthesia DiplomaTR
Anesthesia (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Applied English and Translation DiplomaTR
Applied English and Translation (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Architectural Restoration DiplomaTR
Architectural Restoration (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Audiometry DiplomaTR
Banking and Insurance DiplomaTR
Banking and Insurance (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Business Administration DiplomaTR
Child Development DiplomaTR
Child Development (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Civil Air Transport Management DiplomaTR
Civil Air Transportation Management (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Civil Aviation Cabin Services DiplomaTR
Civil Aviation Cabin Services (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Computer Programming DiplomaTR
Computer Programming (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Construction Technology DiplomaTR
Construction Technology (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Cooking DiplomaTR
Cooking (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Dental and Prosthesis Technology DiplomaTR
Dental and Prosthesis Technology (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Dialysis DiplomaTR
Dialysis (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Electro neurophysiology DiplomaTR
Fashion Design DiplomaTR
Fashion Design (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
First Aid and Emergency DiplomaTR
First and Emergency Aid (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Foreign Trade DiplomaTR
Graphic Design DiplomaTR
Health Establishments Administration DiplomaTR
Human Resource Management DiplomaTR
Justice DiplomaTR
Justice (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Logistics DiplomaTR
Logistics (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Machinery DiplomaTR
Machinery (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Medical Documentation and Secretarial DiplomaTR
Medical Documentation and Secretarial (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Medical Imaging Techniques DiplomaTR
Medical Imaging Techniques (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Medical Laboratory Techniques DiplomaTR
Medical Laboratory Techniques (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Occupational Health and Safety DiplomaTR
Occupational Health and Safety (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Operating Room Services DiplomaTR
Operating Room Services (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Opticianry DiplomaTR
Opticianry (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Oral and Dental Health DiplomaTR
Oral and Dental Health (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Orthopedic Prosthetics and Orthotics DiplomaTR
Pathology Laboratory Techniques DiplomaTR
Pathology Laboratory Techniques (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Perfusion Techniques DiplomaTR
Pharmacy Services DiplomaTR
Physiotherapy DiplomaTR
Physiotherapy (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Printing and Publication Technologies DiplomaTR
Printing and Publication Technologies (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Public Relations and Publicity DiplomaTR
Public Relations and Publicity (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Radio and Television Programming DiplomaTR
Radio and Television Programming (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Radiotherapy DiplomaTR
Radiotherapy (evening teaching) DiplomaTR
Social Services DiplomaTR
Textile Technology DiplomaTR
Tourism and Travel Services DiplomaTR