About Us

About Our Institution

bahar group is an educational consultancy agency, consisting of a youth team of students in Turkish universities with experience and extensive experience in the field of education, always seeking to provide the best services to the student arriving in Turkey.
The group was founded in 2013 in the city of Istanbul. Since then, the group has grown rapidly to become an official agent for a large number of private universities in Turkey. Since its inception, the group has worked to pave the way for those wishing to study in Turkish universities, benefiting from the vast experience that has grown through the personal experiences of group members during Their university career over the past years, baher group is liable to the terms and regulations of the Turkish law, with an official license from the Turkish Government. In addition to the presence of group extensions in many Arab and foreign countries.

Why Choose Our Institution

Putting students on the right path to reach the universities by providing the necessary consultations to students in determining the best university and the appropriate specialization for them in accordance with their orientation in the future success in the full follow-up procedures of the affiliation process of the universities of choice of specialization and university and all that is necessary From procedures for student access to the university seat

Scholarship Facility

Offering grants in the form of discounts on annual installments at private universities in order to provide high quality university education at the most appropriate prices for the largest segment possible to provide advice and help in legal procedures to ensure the access of students to Turkey and their residence legally according to the laws of “Student residency “.

Skilled Team

Full follow-up of the process of joining the universities from the choice of specialization and the university and all necessary procedures to let the student reach the university’s seat

Extra Services

Includes: visa, health insurance and student residence.

To provide a reduced transport card for students in Turkey which guarantees the student a reduction of approximately 60% of the transportation fares in Turkey/Metro, Metrobus, Tram and inland transport vessels in Istanbul City.